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Census thoughts
I have heard the following from several people on the internet and in person and I am beginning to wonder now myself.

Originally, the census was supposed to be used to reapportion representatives and all that jazz, now I do hear ads about the census making sure you get the funding you deserve......

So, is the census an excuse to have the Gov't spend more money, or see what goes on in your life and thus perhaps regulate it more? All they need is the number of people you live you with, nothing more, or less.....but these days this could even be taken to an extreme. I keep hearing more thinking and other evidence that it might, and the following site also makes the same points.

Is it true or not, is the census good for America in this day and age?

Anyhow: interesting suggestion on how to deal with the census.
The attitude there is just silly. Screwing with the Fed by over-reporting is worse than not reporting at all. What I'm interested in is what questions are legitimate, and what are Constitutional violations. For example I do not want nanny-staters in Detroit to swell their representation with over-reporting, but I also don't want the Fed NOT to return the people's money that they have already confiscated and put into a pretend lock-box.

I'll probably answer as faithfully as I can personal counts, and anything that would direct Money already taken to be returned. It may fly in the face of the Hillsdale strategy of avoiding the fed entanglement - but they already have my money - and I want it back.
Quote:Judge declines to block citizenship question from the 2020 census on privacy grounds  

(CNN)A federal judge ruled late Friday she is unconvinced of an immediate need to block a citizenship question from the 2020 census over privacy concerns.

US District Judge Dabney Friedrich declined to issue a preliminary injunction requested by a privacy and civil liberties nonprofit group, the Electronic Privacy Information Center.
The group argued that the US Census Bureau was required to complete a privacy impact assessment before Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the addition of the question.

Doesn't appear to be an Obama appointee.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 

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