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Best States you've been to
Aside from your home state (no other state beats Montana when it comes to guns, booze, women, freedom of whatever, and decent people), what other states have you been to that you've found to be the most suited to you or you just plain enjoyed.

I would say Colorado for 2nd place. Had GORGEOUS mountains and such and was just like Montana, only more people (less primitive and more fuck-ups ther), too many yuppie laws and other stupidity. They had alot of good micro-brews though and I could carry where I wanted to. I could get lost in the mountains (and still run into some people unfortunately) and be alone. The Skiing was nice, and so were the tons of public events year-round. I actually got to enjoy a mild winter compared to home, and enjoy the snows.

Texas is number one aside from Montana to me. Here I can own guns and shoot where I want, it's the most soldier friendly when it comes to being stationed somewhere and applying residency laws and such to myself, and the attitude of the people is mostly right-wing and conservative cowboy types (aside from El Paso, which is a mix between 10% "Texan" and 90% Mexico Mexican), with great music, booze and a generally mannerly and nice atmosphere for an out of stater like me. At first they wondered where I was from when visiting good friends of mine who I met through a friend of mine from Claude, TX, but when I told them, alot either knew what MT was about or had a relative there and I was normal. Everyone else was pretty much a foreigner, but was showed an amazing amount of good hospitality and beer.

The place has that Cowboy feel (again, mostly outside El Paso, I travel out of here to enjoy Texas) that I miss. And there are lot of pretty places here. The Central Texas Hill Country, the Panhandle with it's typical farm/ranch views, the West Texas desert and Mountains, and the fun to be had everywhere and in-between.

I still have an MT Driver's License and Plates, but in Texas, I may as well be Texan to these people. Colorado, was indifferent, but it wasn't as polite and the general attitude of the people wasn't as hospitable in the larger population areas unlike Texas. I miss CO for what it had to offer, but I can definitely make do in Texas.

And I love Texas women.

I have seen a good amount of the South and S. Carolina, Georgia, and such. People were nice, but I hated the climate. Utah and most states out West were normal to me, only Utah was more socially prohibitive of alot of things, so I didn't care too much for it. Great place to raise a family though I guess.

Wyoming, that is pretty much like MT, so I do not even bother counting it into this. New Mexico is just pretty all around with every type of scenery there is to offer, it ain't the land of enchantment for no reason. But it seems sterile to me really.

Idaho.......bah. Mountains, fishing, beautiful scenery, shitty drivers, hippies in Boise, and the panhandle is MT lite. Idaho is overrated and if Potatoes are the thing you stick on your license plate, you need to work on some things. And I have been to the Potato Capital of the World in Ashton, ID or whatever - BFD, nothing there worth a shit, except if you go a bit more North where you can access the Tetons in Wyoming. Not much to really die for in Idaho, I have been there many a-time too.

Oregon, only dabbled in the Eastern part of it a tiny bit, no opinions there. Washington, schizophrenic when comparing East to West. First is full of Cowboys, Farmers, great natural beauty and awesome people, stuck under Western Washington's legal and political whims. The West has great scenery, but the people suck as far as I am concerning. Ft. Lewis would have been a great duty station though being only 8 hours from home.

California needs it's own thread. Nebraska and the Dakotas.......meh.

Post away on this. I am sure others are more well-traveled that I am.
Alaska, hands down.

I would have to say Virginia,it's got some serious natural beauty and diverse population.

I too hate our weather as it's too humid in the south. Weather wise I would prefer southern Cal.
As bad as the economy is, the geography of Michigan is the reason tourism has always been the leading industry just behind automotive. More coastline than California, more boats and marinas, more hunting, and recreational activities - and a climate that changes often enough to make life exhilarating.

If the climate doesn't suit you - then Vegas is the place to go for that. A little raised valley circled by mountains. You can watch the bad weather circle around and slide past as the perfect weather just keeps on keeping on.

You guys need to do a better job advertising. I mean this sincerely,when I think of Michigan,all that comes to my mind is Detroit.

Like you said,you have a sportsman's paradise there.
Democrats are in charge, what can I say?
Nothing beats Alaska, Period!! All it lacks are warm beaches, but the rest makes up the difference.

Not many folks can live in Alaska though.

I've not seen it,my aunt did and she raved about it as well.

Pennsylvania has some fairly beautiful nature from the middle westward. Mountainous like you wouldn't believe.

Straight up and down mountains,not like east Tennessee.

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