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So, Who Wishes To Sightsee In North Korea?
Pack your bags. North Korea is opening it's gates for tourism. I must assume that only masochists, and "Fellow Travelers", need apply. Wink1
Have a Gneiss Day!
Obviously they miss W. J. Clinton. Their clear aim is to detain a few more cutie tourists as a way of getting him back to schmooze with Kim Il.

However, there may be another motive. Detaining a few nitwits could give some leverage in the disarmament and nuclear arms talks with the West.
Jefferson: I place economy among the first and important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.
Don't they offer two different tours: Potemkin East and Potemkin West?
WmLambert Wrote:Don't they offer two different tours: Potemkin East and Potemkin West?

No, Kimchi East, and Kimchi West.
Have a Gneiss Day!
??Pickled cabbage East and pickled cabbage West?? Doesn't that belong in the recipe thread?
Their secret plan is to lure as many naive westerners as they can into their clutches, then when they have enough wealthy dupes poking around, they can charge them all with spying, and hold them for ransom.
Ron Lambert Wrote:Their secret plan is to lure as many naive westerners as they can into their clutches, then when they have enough wealthy dupes poking around, they can charge them all with spying, and hold them for ransom.

And this is a very serious consideration too? While not entirely certain, it is well within the bounds of expected games the NK crowd are capable of performing.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Q would probably be at the top of the list of those wishing to go because it would remind him of the decrepit conditions he lived under in the DDR.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 
Just found this old thread.
There are still tourists and business is normal in Pyongyang....

Pyongyang 2017


The city of Pyongyang is not looking that bad, a typical Communist city similar to Eastern Europe after WWII.

The new video recordings, often from diplomats and Chinese tourists, are of very good quality and there is no reason for North Korea to be isolated from the rest of the world.

North Korea is not something like a chaotic African country, it is organized, has a functioning distribution system, the reason why it is so poor is only about politics. People in North Korea are orderly people, too.

There are only 25 million people and it is possible to bring this country back to normal.

No need to worry about traffic jams, is there. Spiteful
Have a Gneiss Day!
Times are changing, this in Pyongyang, 29th December 2015, in the city center -
not sure how it is this year 2017 in December however.

Many foreign diplomats and businessmen are using a car in Pyongyang with a good camera on board, so at least you get an impression how the 'upper class' people are living.
I think this video was taken by a Malaysian or Indonesian diplomat.

There is some traffic, of course this cannot be compared with Western countries, but it is not like that you can walk over any street in Pyongyang without looking to right and left... or to drive and not paying attention to the street and cars around you.

A rather new NK video - propaganda of course, but I cannot say that all what you see there is fake. There is something there, but of course only for maybe 10 percent of the population I guess. The video quality is very good. Over 2.5 million people are now living in Pyongyang.

It is said that life in Pyongyang for admitted foreigners for longstay is not that bad... how the ordinary people living outside of Pyongyang is another question ...
of course always with a guide/driver with you as a tourist, but this is not such a bad job for all these girls and drivers, at least enough to eat...

North Korea could be a very friendly and cheap country for international travel if it would be open and operating with a different economic system.

Some of our former co-workers from Europe (I am now retired) stayed in Pyongyang up to 2 years and never reported any troubles.

I hope there will be no war and this government can be changed without fightings - it would be pity to see that all the little things North Koreans still enjoy to be destroyed...

We will see after this summit, if there is any improvement of tourism to North Korea....

Pyongyang has about 2.5 million people, and it is said, it's functioning 'somehow' and it's a friendly place, but so far as a foreigner you cannot really move around as you like...

You can also play golf in Pyongyang, this is an interesting report with pictures about Pyongyang Golf Course.

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