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Hillsdale College Constitution Reader
I recently received a pocket edition Declaration of Independence and Constitution from Hillsdale College.

In the back is an index of their Polysci 101 Course. I've tried to link to the best url address for each document.


The U.S. Constitution

The mission of Hillsdale College, as set forth in its original Articles of Association, is to provide "sound learning" of the sort needed to perpetuate the blessings of "civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety." In keeping with this mission, Hillsdale is one of very few colleges and universities outside America's service academies where all students, regardless of major, take a course on the U.S. Constitution as part of their core requirements.

In addition to a careful and detailed examination of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other primary source documents of the founding era, the course covers the great challenge to constitutionalism in the secession crisis of the 1850s, which culminated in the Civil War, as well as the departures from constitutional principles and practices during the Progressive Movement and by that movement's modern heirs.

Students in the course will develop an appreciation of the Founders' understanding of human nature, the rule of law, the separation of powers, federalism, justice, and property rights. They will learn to distinguish liberty from license and legitimate from tyrannical government, and to recognize the connection between rights and duties.

In short, the course aims to teach students the conditions of liberty, the extent to which and manner in which those conditions have been undermined, and how they might be recovered and preserved.

The Hillsdale Constitution Reader
Table of Contents

I. National Rights and the American Revolution.
II. The Founders on Religion, Morality and Property
III. Government under the Articles of Confederation: The Problem of Legislative/Majority Tyranny
IV. Rethinking the Nature of Union and the Structure of Government
V. The Three Branches of Government VI. The Founders on Slavery, the Rise of thePositive Good School, and the Roots of the Secession Crisis
VII. Crisis of Constitutional Government
VIII. Secession and Civil War
IX. The Progressive Rejection of the Founding
X. Institutionalizing Progressivism: The New Deal, the Great Society, and Beyond
If I had children growing up, I would send them to Hillsdale. The general knowledge base is superb. I wonder if there are other colleges, in the US, which are like Hillsdale?

The only thing missing is a good representation of the "AntiFederalist" papers.

Federal Farmer I & II are Anti-federalist papers.

Here is the entire chronology of the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers.
The main problem I am encountering with the best url addresses for the Hillsdale course is trying to figure out how to present the excerpt targeted. The only thing I've been able to do so far is to present the entire presentation and not just the excerpt.

I will give credit to the viewer to screen the entire article to decide what portion is relevant to the section. It can't help but broaden the viewer's appreciation of the message.
The newest free online course from Hillsdale is starting.

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