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Born is the USA?????
BTW: you cannot tell by the photograph whether the image is photoshopped or not. If it is phoney, it should have been printed out cleanly, and photographed. The resulting image would look just like it appears. With higher resolution the pixilation would be reduced.

"Shadows" around the letters is not indicative of forgery. What would prove anything is comparison with other birth certificates from that time and place and whether the type used is from the same typewriter, and all stamps and serial numbers are correct.

From what I understand, Kenya is in no big rush to discredit Obama, so would not produce any documents necessary. Nothing from Obama, at any rate. An enterprising journalist could research other contemporaneous births, and pay for a copy of that person's certificate for comparison - but where is the original that was photographed? If it exists it is an important document. If it is a clandestine copy that exists only as an image - then forensics could do the same as was done with Dan Rather's forged National Guard papers.
sunsettommy Wrote:I have been burned by WorldNetDaily too many times to stop using anything from that website.They are too erratic in their claims and sometimes completely fail to produce the evidence they claim they have,to blow it open.

Now I just sit back and watch,what next they will come up with.

I tend to agree with you there. Joseph Farrah is a little bit,......out there.
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
Loved Ann Coulter's take on the Birther Conspiracists.

We all may wonder whether Obama's family lied about being present for his birth in Kenya - but true or not, the only way Obama could be removed for cause is by impeachment. Any forecasts for that House impeachment vote?

I moaned and complained as much as I could before the election - pointing out that if he got in, the socialist takeover would be hard to recover from. There is no quick solution to stupid votes. We can only hold out as best we can and work to change future votes.

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