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paper-thin batteries coming out
Quote:Coming this year: paper-thin batteries

Better batteries are popping up regularly these days, and this one's on its way to the real world within six months. Some German smarty-pants researchers figured out how to slather together reactive layers that can magically create power, but the trick is that all the necessary components put together are less than a millimeter thick.

The secret? They're using manufacturing techniques that are similar to printing.

Imagine the devices that this 1.5 W power source could enable. Sure, you might need a few of them to power a cell phone, but there could be outlandishly flat handheld gadgets in our future if these batteries really are ready to go before the end of this year. Amazing. Maybe they should call them "flatteries".
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relax. it's only the internet!
"A little Flattery will get you anywhere."

I know you think you understand what you thought I said,
but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!
With such flattery you might invite assault and battery!

Let's see now, how would that affect "Rock, Paper, Scissors"? Paper would still cover rock, but could scissors cut the flatteries? I say rock should trump everything, especially if it is travelling 35,000 kps. Think of the wattage that would generate!
hahahahaha. :lol:

keep the jokes coming, they're great.

related article:

Quote:Nanotech breakthrough: New batteries last 3x longer

We laughed at the 6831 lithium-ion laptop batteries powering the Tesla Roadster, wondering if somebody would ever figure out how to make batteries more efficient and last longer. It looks like a research team from the University of Waterloo has done just that, instead using lithium sulfur. These new batteries owe their increased power to nanotechnology:

The team assembled a nanostructure of carbon rods separated by empty channels, sulfur was then melted to fill the tiny voids thanks to capillary forces. All the spaces were uniformly filled with sulfur, thus maximizing the surface area in direct contact with carbon and boosting battery efficiency.

The result? These batteries last three times longer than lithium ion batteries. Not only are they more powerful, but they're lighter and cheaper to manufacture. Now, will they pack 6831 lithium sulfur batteries into the Tesla Roadster? If so, maybe it'll be cheaper than $101,500, and have a cruising range of 732 miles.
Quote: “A society that puts equality… ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality or freedom…a society that puts freedom first will, as a happy by-product, end up with both greater freedom and greater equality.” --Milton Friedman
relax. it's only the internet!
On a serious note, this has HUGE implications for the electric car. If you can take the body of the automobile, and make it one huge battery, you have your storage/weight problem solved. After all, the car itself is the battery.

The same principle is now being applied with the new ultra thin TV/monitor screens, which are able to be rolled up and carried easily from one location to another.
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The new batteries have to be rechargeable to work in electric-powered cars. Are the "flatteries" rechargeable? Even if they are, how rapidly do they become "fatigued"? Even Nicads are only good for about 500 recharges.
It is an interesting thread...

Our parent company has developed thin film batteries. Interestingly enough they were working on them ten years ago. Some key points are:

Design Features/Advantages

* Does not leak.
* Does not contain toxic materials like some batteries (NiCad).
* Can be recharged thousands of times and delivers an enormous lifetime capacity and lifetime energy per unit area and unit volume.
* Economical production: made with large-area, low-cost, vacuum processing (additional cost reductions will be made in the future as transition is made to roll-to roll configuration).
* Inherent thermal stability over extended temperature range enables direct integration into applications, such as electronics, as part of the fabrication process: demonstrated operating range between -45°C and 100°C.
* Versatile: Flat flexible form factor enables the battery to be used in many configurations, including prismatic and jelly roll (cylindrical) packaging, and bipolar stacking (prismatic) for increased capacity.
[Image: SalmaHayekcopy.jpg]
"Can be recharged thousands of times" sounds good.
What is the energy to weight ratio?
What is the power to weight ratio?

How do these compare to standard batteries?
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