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Aurora Moon Wrote:Cows and other animals still can suffer from pain, become unhappy and listless if placed in poor conditions where they're left to starve, forced to sleep in their own feces, etc.

I wouldn't keep them there like that anyhow as maintence issues would horrendous. And it's easier to let them run around a small pasture so poop cleanup is easier, they'll come eat when they are hungry or when you feed them. You've never worked a ranch, have you?

Quote: If they are given oats and other types of feed on a regular basis, and sleeps in a clean safe place then they don't suffer any kinds of problems. Thus they have a good life then. Simple as that.

Well, a good life to many of these people means the four seasons or something. Ridiculous. Let them live in some moderate space and that's it. What do they want, a serta mattress or something?

Quote:he free range chicken makes sense to me... since how if they literally coop up the chickens in a building for their whole lives, that makes them more prone to disease and starvation. Since how in the cramped quarters the bigger chickens will be crowding the feed bins, and keeping the smaller chickens away. they'll also have to walk and sleep in their own feces too, hence the high chances of diseases.

you wouldn't want to eat an diseased dead chicken now, would you?[/quote]

No - but wait - you're supposed to cook your food! Its a pretty hard concept since Ecoli and salmonela keep coming back up, but I think I mastered it. And such products must pass inspection. If you kept them all in a individual 3 x 3 ft cages and cleaned the poop out you're fine. Letting them run around like royalty is stupid and time and space consuming.
Properly cooking chicken removes part of the risk, but it does not remove all risk.

there's also the possibility of parasites passing from chicken to chicken in cramped quarters like that. and some parasites remain on the parts of the chicken even after you've killed it, cleaned it and cooked it.

I think you're misunderstanding what Free-roaming means... I don't think it means letting the chickens go whereever they want... It most likely means that there's a boxed in, large outside space that they can wander about in without being cramped or trapped inside a dark building.

It would be akin to having an fenced pasture and just letting your cows wander about and graze there, while at the same time making sure that they don't go anywhere else.
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relax. it's only the internet!
No, I know what they most likely mean by it, and I really don't think it's that big a deal.

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