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MrRogers Wrote:ah, welcome

you must believe this thread was for you S2

and nice job completely avoiding everything i said.

What's to avoid? You start out by making the title of the thread read "ATTENTION DUMB PEOPLE". Why oh why should anybody take anything that you say after that seriously? If I were you, I would learn how to communicate effectively with people. Starting out a thread by belittling your intended audience is not a good way to communicate effectively.

And no I did not believe that the thread was for me. I just don't like it when someone brings scorn down on my surname by acting the way you are acting on this forum.
Hey Mickey Mouse... You're a bum.
[Image: Rocky%20Balboa.gif]
Yo. Ban this!
i dont want any of you tards being my friend.

what part of "im here to mock you" didnt you understand?

look folks, its been 4 years since 911. if you dont know whats going on you are either clinically retarded - or you dont want to know. either way you are nothing but a subject of ridicule at this point. S2

so sure, keep crying about how its my fault you dont understand what im talking about. chumps.
John L Wrote:Building 7 is not looming large on my mental radar.

Moderator Note: Please refrain from using foul language and bad behavior. It tends to display the degree or lack of degree, of maturity present.



you believe whateve,r your dear leader tells you. you are a pseudo intellectual.

in short


thanks for playing.
MrRogers, are you going to soon resort to logic in order to back up your accusations. Or are you going to continue to play the part of the child for us? We would really like for you to surprise us with your intelligence, is you are able.
“Socialism always begins with a universal vision for the brotherhood of man and ends with people having to eat their own pets.”
im just waiting for one of you tardbabies to say actually state and defend your beliefs. all i see is the neocon fan club; people (losers) who like to pretend they are somehow associated with the people in charge. pathetic.

im just disapointed you guys havent called me a communist yet. being a TRUE conservative, thats always fun.


MrRogers Wrote:LETS SUM THIS UP:



Good idea, but we need your help. Please go to the Equator and dig a well in the ground, we'll do exactly the same but on a higher degree of latitude. When we've dug a nice well, we'll measure the angle that is made by the shade and find out that the Earth is an oval planet, with many pretty women and a blue sky. After this you only have to stay on the Equator and our job is done. Don't forget the last part. S5
MrRogers Wrote:LETS SUM THIS UP:



The difference being that it is not only possible, but easy, to prove that the sky is blue.

Exactly 0 of you're ludicrous assertions can be proven. If they were as readily provable as you imply, than you would have simply backed up said assertions, instead of sitting here b i t c hing and moaning about it.
Mr Rogers is correct.
Hey...Mr Rogers has a convert.
Hi Jimmy...grass is green due to eating sunshine and carbon dioxide.

...OK now pick up your toys.....AND NO DAMMIT WE ARE NOT "THERE " YET. lol
The point that can be made about such childish posting is that the poster is not doing what he claims: of "mocking" others. He is trying to gain adherents to a mental discipline of personal value gained by wishful thinking. The 60's philosophy of "If it feels good to me it must be true."

Such people are profoundly humiliated by their perceived inferiority, and although they are unable to maintain an honorable debate to the level where a single point can be validated, they lash out to build pretend authority and righteousness. They have personal esteem and value only because others are insulted and called names. Since he is not really mocking anyone, but simply calling attention to himself and his own inadequacies and inability to communicate honorably or honestly, he must be making definitive statements about himself.

For instance we, in this forum, know building 7 at the WTC collapsed according to the published timeline caught on film and videotape, and corroborated by the many objective scientists and engineers who investigated it by the NIST:
NIST Wrote:(p. 15 of NIST WTC Part IIC - WTC 7 Collapse Final.pdf)

Debris Damage from WTC 1 after WTC 1 collapsed:
  • Heavy debris on Vesey Street and WTC 7 Promenade
  • No heavy debris observed in lobby area, white dust coating
  • SW Corner Damage ? floors 8 to 18
  • South face damage between two exterior columns - roof level
    down 5 to 10 floors, extent not known
  • South Face Damage ?
  • middle 1/4 -1/3 width south face, 10th floor to ground
  • large debris hole near center around 14th floor
  • 1/4 width south face, above 5th floor, atrium glass intact
  • 8th / 9th floor from inside, visible south wall gone with more
    damage to west, 2 elevator cars dislodged into elevator lobby

(P. 26) Failure Sequence Timeline

[Note: numbers are Time event occurred as documented on videotape
observation from CNN Net Dub 7 47.avi]

0.0 Movement of east penthouse roofline
0.9 East penthouse kinks between columns 44 and 45,
2 windows at floor 40 fail between columns 44 - 45
1.2 4 windows fail at floor 40,
East penthouse submerged from view (now inside building)
1.7 3 windows break at floors 41 to 44
2.2 East penthouse completely submerged
4.0 Windows break along column 46 at floors 37 and 40
7.0 North side of west penthouse moves,
Movement of entire north face of WTC7 (visible above floor 21)
7.2 West end of roof starts to move
7.7 East end of roof starts to move,
Façade kink formed along column 46-47
7.9 West penthouse submerged
8.2 Global collapse occurs as windows fail between floors 33-39
around column 55
We know this. There is no controversy. Yet the poster throws out an untrue statement loaded with emotional outrage (an old one easily handled) in order to stir the pot.

Does the poster stay to debate and defend his untrue statements? Does he confess a political agenda? Many trolls are paid political hatchetmen sent out to disrupt credible forums with credible thinkers. I guess such machinations is a kind of compliment.

If so, If that is your reason for posting, then we thank you for your attention. Please note your childish posts produced the opposite affect. You have not earned your pay and need to repay it to your masters.
Rocky Balboa Wrote:Hey Mickey Mouse... You're a bum.
mr rogers Wrote:i dont want any of you tards being my friend.

what part of "im here to mock you" didnt you understand?
I think mr rogers thinks Rocky is a tard. At least mr rogers and I agree on something.
MrRogers Wrote:now, tell me why world trade center building 7 collapsed
It collapsed because it knew that it would be useless without Buildings 1, and 2, so it committed suicide. Buildings have feelings too.

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