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Write your Replies/Posts with Fredledingue's BBCode Editor
I'v been test-using it for one month already. 8)

Dingue_BBCode_Editor.0.2 (direct download) Off line forum message editor - BBCode Editor: Size: 18 Kb

-Extra large input box
-Real time preview (updated every 2 seconds)
-Error highlighting
-Shows message lenght
-Undo/Redo until 40 steps
-Auto insert links from clipboard
-Auto insert default text into url tag
-Auto paste clipboard in quote or code
-Auto back up to temporary file
-Save to message history
-Save to separate file
-Copy to clipboard
-Works offline (no internet connection needed)
You need to explain it further Fred.
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When writing a forum response that will take some time to generate, I just write it in BBEdit, then copy/paste to the forum. Save it first to an archive for future reference.

Dingue BBCode Editor is an HTA application (HTML + VBScript) written by myself and hosted on my own website. It's free for non-commercial use and open source.

I had been testing similar programs like BBedit, and while they were fine, I wanted a few more features. So wrote my own (HTA is relatively easy + it suits perfectly this purpose).

The main things I enjoy with my app are
-the very large input box (hey, maybe too large!)
-auto-save (what you type is backed up in case of crash or anything)
-archivage (saving in another process to an archive file)
-instant preview
-error highlighting (whe there is an error in the BBcode you are typing, it will be shown in red in the preview)
-intelligent clipboard management (e.g. automaticaly insert url from the clipboard inside url tag - read readme files for more details)


To install, extract to your "documents" folder or one of its subfolder or in "Public".
There is no installation requiered. Just double click on "BBCode_editor.hta" to start.

New version:
-Fixed "color" and "size" drop down boxes: default returns to the top.
-Slightly reduced the size of the input box to 25 lines

(same link as at the top of this thread)

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