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Former Gay Activist Conquered Homosexuality With Faith
Reading that was like hacking my way through Cambodia or something DR. Jesus Christ, glad I still understand what you're saying, but it was rough.

Very erudite as usual though.
drgonzaga Wrote:Homosexuality is a subset of is as simple as that, Q, so forget a "gay" gene or the inevitabilty of sexual destiny and happiness through snip, paste, or pill.
So what? Is being narcistic not a question of free choice? The fags tick me off, but my heart has to be with the people who defy the standards of the right-wing freaks.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney
quadrat Wrote:So what? Is being narcistic not a question of free choice? The fags tick me off, but my heart has to be with the people who defy the standards of the right-wing freaks.

You may choose to be as neurotic as you wish Q; however, do not sloof off such as either normalcy or but a variation of normative behaviour. Society has suffered the selfish but it has not survived because of them.
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former."

Albert Einstein
FYI,my brother is a left wing freak and he wishes folks who were homo wouldn't tell him. It makes for some uncomfortable conversation among old friends!

I know,I've had it happen to me and I didn't want to know! I could have done w/o being told.

I don't feel I need to inform folks what my sexual desires are,don't understand why gay folks feel like they do. Maybe this narcissism idea explains that .
In some situations I can see how that would be extremely uncomfortable.

However, in some other situations I can understand why they would do it. Take for example, say a well-meaning relative or a friend notices that the guy hasn't been dating women or anything lately... so assuming that their relative/friend is straight, they proceed to go to the trouble of finding them a nice girl/woman....

only to have that bombshell drop on them: "Well, uh.... I was keeping this to myself, but yeah... the reason why I can't or won't date that woman you brought over to meet me.... well, I'm gay. Sorry."

Now that would be way more uncomfortable, and especially embarrassing all around I would think, especially if that woman was there right with them.

And then add on to the factor of "lying by omission".... if they kept it to themselves and let others just "naturally assume" they were straight or something, I guess they would feel like they were lying to others. and well, some humans naturally feel the need to be honest in order to have an clean conscience... even if it means blurting out such things at inappropriate moments.

when you think about it that way... it makes perfect sense from the viewpoint of human nature. so its' not really about narcissism in my opinion.

After all... theoretically... if the whole world was mostly gay than straight, and people just "naturally assumed" that mostly everyone around them were gay by default... wouldn't you feel the need to clear up some things about yourself in order to avoid such embarrassing situations such as:
A) Well-meaning friend or relative brings over a nice same-gender person for you to date, or tells you about some nice same-gender people they'd like for you to meet... not knowing that you're completely turned off by that...
B) those situations where guys/girls gather around in little groups to talk about which person they think is sexy, and who's the least sexy... who they'd like to sleep with, etc. Hell, I did this in high school with my girlfriends about the guys we found hot. so it stands to reason that gay people might as well. imagine how awkward it would be if they kept on asking you: "Come on, don't hold out on us. which guys do you find the most attractive and who you would do?"
Quote: “A society that puts equality… ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality or freedom…a society that puts freedom first will, as a happy by-product, end up with both greater freedom and greater equality.” --Milton Friedman
relax. it's only the internet!

Most gay folks that divulge this issue do so because they want people to know it. It's as if their sexual desires are who they are. I and my daughter have a friend who is openly gay with us,but,not around his parents.

Personally,the kid telling me this didn't bother me,I love him at any rate. However,I don't understand why he wanted me to know. Maybe to see if I would still care about him,I don't know. I do,that's not the issue. I wish for his sake he weren't gay,but,it doesn't color nmy concern for his soul and life.

1000 years from now,who you screwed isn't going to add up to 0. Just saying. Sex desire is not who you are. Who you are IMO is better defined by how you interact with other humans,IMO.

I much prefer a Christian gay male who tries to follow the Biblical precepts than I do a Christian straight male who ignores them,but,the gay thing is meaningless. It isn't the defining thing about a human,how we lust for sex.IMO. All of us have myopias based on our flawed natures.
True, I don't go around saying I am a heterosexual. I think it is self-love and narcissism. I hear more pride in proclaiming homosexuality than anything else, so they can feel special, plus, as Pat said, it's appealing to whatever desires they want, as opposed to a moral standard. An ideal person is one who generally stfu about where they get off and how.
The Smith brothers and Brigham Young must be rolling over in their graves.

Mormon support for gay marriage gradually grows
'It's not who votes that matters, it's who counts the votes'  |  György Schwartz, Budapest, Hungary

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