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If You Get Banned/Shut Down: What To Do
Here is some worthwhile advice I gave to a player, who is grwing quite well: not a small fry, but not a big boy. I was discussing the future opening of a 15 cropper, right next door to him. The account, owning the cropper, had been banned for almost one month already, and could be expected to be deleted any time.

He has asked me about banning and what would happen. Here is what I told him.

Quote:Either one of two things will happen.

First, he will negotiate with MultiHunter, and get back on line, after paying a penalty for breaking the rules. he probably does not know this. Most people don't.

Remember, any time you break the rules, get caught and shut down/banned, you should always attempt to make amends with MH. If you are using gold, your chances are better. After all this is a game in which the developers are trying to make a profit. If you are contributing to their well being, it behooves them/MH to keep the funds flowing. Isn't Free Enterprise great, or what?!

Usually the fine will be a loss of some population, through culture points, and the trimming down of some improvements.

The second thing he could do, and this is almost certainly it, is he has just walked away from the account. Once he has been inactive for a certain time(at least a month), MH will notice this and delete the account. When this occurs, you will wake up one morning/afternoon/evening, and mysteriously, the village will have disappeared. That is how you will know.

Just remember this and store it for a later time, when you may run afoul of MH. You can almost always negotiate your way back into the game. Also, how you negotiate with MH will determine the fine. Don't Kow-Tow, and blow sunshine up her tailpipe. Oh, and MH here is a "she" in this Quadrant. I know from experience. LOL!!

Just tell her that you did indeed screw up, and are willing to stand up and take your punishment. But ask for clemency and tell her that you will promise to read the rules more carefully after this, AND you will do your level best not to have to cross paths with her again. I have found that this works best.

MultiHunters have heard/seen/read it all, and they probably want to throw up when they see all the groveling going on, by people who are contrite, not because of what they did wrong, but rather for having been caught. I'm sure it gets disgusting after a while, and a fresh approach, with honesty, is what impresses them most.

Stick with me, I can tell you more little juicy tidbits. There is a lot to learn about gaming the system. Hoever, the one Cardinal Sin is "Pushing" resources above the legal limit. If you don't do this, you will almost always be left alone.

One other thing. When you get big, and CAN flex your muscles, don't be a G-d Damned Sadist! Be mature, act like an adult, and always be respectful of the "little guy", especially if he/she is active. You were once there, and still are, so remember how you hate being beat up and 'Pass It Forward', not the other way. Practice the Golden Rule, and you can Always look at yourself in the mirror, and not have to flinch.

I was banned; probably because I set up accounts for others.
WarBicycle Wrote:I was banned; probably because I set up accounts for others.

Naaah, not that alone. I do that quite often, giving them away to those who I deem worthy. The MultiHunter really doesn't care, just as long as you do not commit the Cardinal Sin: pushing resources from one account to another. If you do that, the only way you will be allowed on is to pay a heavy fine, as in population and resources.

Most MH are also fairly reasonable people. Yes, they have an unpopular job and a bad image, but if you at least pretend to show some real remorse they will work with you.

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