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A Lady from Georgia
A while back , I got an e-mail from a mom in Georgia requesting answers and some help for her little girl born without a hand.

As some of you might NOT know, we have a State, (Province...sorta') by that same name... so I promised the mom the next time we were over that way...we would see about a prosthesis for her baby.

Turns out the mom was from the REPUBLIC of Georgia. Oops S2 but friends keep their word.

Read the whole story on the "In the News" cookie.

Best regards
You guys went clear over to the Rep. of Georgia? Wow. Shock

You guys are quite dedicated.
No, actually our stockholders flew them over here. They had a great vacation, went to the rodeo, got their little girl a cowboy hat, went to the beach, went to six flags over Texas etc etc.

No, that was the joke on me...our plane doesn't have trans-oceanic range.

I thought she lived in OUR Georgia oops

The dad and I spoke a LOT, (through an interpreter), and we both shared the irony that a few years ago he might have been looking at us through the gunsights of a soviet tank.
Best regards

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