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Alliance Village Protectin & Anti-Farming Techniques
Please take note of this and take necessary action to prevent it from happening to you.

>Most opposing alliance villages will attack you in order to gain one, or two, things: Resources and Hero points. If they are getting either of these two from you, they will keep returning, because their behaviour is being rewarded. If you are going to be a successful player, grow evenly, and also become an asset to your alliance, you must work intelligently, in order to prevent this activity.

Remember, everyone receives the occasional attack. However, if he/she is a repeat attacker and keep getting what he/she wants from you(resources, hero points, they will keep it up. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to get youself out of the hole you have dug for yourself. At this point, you have become someone's farm, like it or not. It is just that simple.

So, how do you prevent this?

1. Cranny up. This cannot be stressed enough! If you have to ask yourself as to whether or not you are crannied up enough, You Aren't! Anyone can get away without cranning up as they should be, but sooner or later, this poor planing is going to catch up with you. Once the raider realizes that you are vulnerable, they will definately be back for more blood. Dedicated raiders have a very simple mentality, and generally don't have to think in complex reasoning. But they are not stupid. If you allow them to walk home with their arms full of resources, you must hustle like there is no tomorrow, and Cranny Up ASAP. If not, you are in some serious trouble, and you have only yourself to blame for it.

2. 'Spend down' your resources before you leave. The less you have sitting around your village, the less the chance of them growing legs and walking away from you. REMEMBER: those resources could have been spend, as a preventive measure, on cranny space, and you would be ahead from the start. If your resources grow legs, you will have lost them forever AND you will not have enough to use for cranny insurance. So, don't allow these resources remain hanging around. If you need to wait for something over your cranny limit, then you are living 'on the margin', and must be willing to pay the piper for your short-sightedness.

3. Keep your new troops moving as much as possible. If they are not in the village, they cannot be destroyed by some Goon, who is trying to steal your goods AND make Hero points. If you leave them in village the attacker will quickly achieve a very high Hero skill index. Do not allow your enemy to accomplish this, because he/she will be back at you again, often more times than you wish.

If you are going to be away from your computer, or sleep for 8 hrs, take necessary precautions. Send them on an extended raid that takes up to at least 4 1/2- hours. That's 9 - 10 hours round trip. This gives you time to get up, make that coffee, sign in, and strategize your next moves before work, or school. And if you are going to be gone during the day, do exactly the same you did over night, even if it is to the same person that you know is a safe target to hit. That way you are certain not to lose units, and they will be safely away from the village, in case of enemy attack. This allows you time to go to work, be caught in traffic, visit the grocery store. Then, upon returning home, you can grab something to drink, and sit down just in time to see your new units coming home to the village. Hopefully, as an added bonus, they will return with a goodie bag, filled with bounty.

If you have not been attacked for over a week, you cannot sit back and rest upon your Laurels . L.I.D has decided that we are a threat to them, and they are making Utopia/Utopia one of their prime targets. If they can whittle us down, discourage members into quiting the game, or using us for farms, then they will have accomplished their goals, and we will be losers in the process.

Here is another way to keep your troops alive, if you are not into raiding. Locate an alliance member, who is approximately 4-5 hours away. Then communicate with that person, and alert him/her to the fact that you are sending them there. Once they arrive, the alliance member can send them back to you immediately. There is a disadvantage to this manner of safety in that it required the other member to be on the ball and send them back as soon as they arrive.

4. If your units are within your village, and you observe an attack coming in, you have a second option. You can contact your alliance members and ask for reinforcements. This is where the neighborhood "Cluster" system comes in handy. The Cluster system works because it is using the resources of those villages in close proximity to your village. All will be able to support each other, if it is working well. If not, it is not going to help the alliance.

Also, check to see who is on line within our alliance. If they are close by, then by all means, call for Reins. Keep in mind that L.I.D has catapults moving around now. L.I.D believes themselves to be pretty much above reproach, and not capable of being hurt by others, including Utopia. This is what we must combat against.

As with all bullies if, if they are sent packing and carrying a bloody nose, they will eventually leave you alone. They may not be the smartest people, but they are not stupid. They will eventually get the hint that Utopia is one alliance, that uses teamwork, and works in concert with each other. An alliance that works together for common security, is an alliance that will be successful. It will not only succeed, but will prevail as well. That way they will respect us, even fear us and wish to stand clear of us!!


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