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Diplomacy: How to relate to other players

How to relate to other players

Travian is a Massive Multiplayer Oline Game; the multi-player part is quite important and we all discover this soon enough. Travian is not only numbers and strategies, but it involves people, some potty mouth, some calm and so on … We come to relate to the others in a lot of situations: trade resources, join alliances, attack or being attacked. I’ll offer you some ideas to make your image as good as possible and earn you the other’s respect.

Yes, respect. Travian is filled with people who kinda take this “war” thing pretty seriously. Some talk about “courage”, “honour”, “cowards”, even if in the end it’s just a game. But since the human part is as least as important as the game itself, here are some tips:

1. Pay attention to that profile

Don’t just have a village called nobody’s village: name it, get a nice name for it, put something in your profile: maybe your gender and a nice presentation. Don’t use too many boasting senteces, at least not when you’re a starter. There’s nothing that makes me laugh harder than seeing a 20 population guy with a very “intimidating” description.

2. Don’t use FOUL LANGUAGE in the profile or game itself.

It gets you banned if anyone reports you to a multihunter and it looks bad. And it just shows you’re not able to controll your language and emotions. So you’re being constantly farmed? I know it’s unpleasant: why not try to write a VERY NICE message to the attacker, say you’re only just begun and would like to enjoy the game and so on. Do it in a nice respectful manner and many of the attackers would stop attacking. I know I do this.

Sending out a badly worded message and cursing will make 99% of the attackers either keep on farming you till you just delete the account or catapult your village to 0 population. The other 1 percent would tell a multihunter and get you banned.

3. Write in English or whatever language is used on that server

I just hate it when I see people write French or German and tell me they cannot communicate in English. Well excuse me, you’re on the .com servers. The official language is English. Learn some or move into the national servers. Or just don’t bother me with messages.

Write as much as you can in an readable manner. I know some people like to write in a SMS style, but think that many people spent time learning PROPER ENGLISH. Please make it worth it by using the standard language. It would make you look mature and serious and earn the others respect.

Whatever you do in Travian, don’t curse, don’t make fun of people, don’t be a … jerk. It’s true that it’s a game and that we shouldn’t care about this that much. But on the other side, even if we’re annonymous we’re still HUMANS. Your message or profile might be read by a woman, a child … All your actions should be thought as to never be ashamed of what you did.



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