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Help! I'm Being Farmed!

I Am Being Farmed

This is more of a message for those who are still at the start since once you’re getting to a high population there’s not too much farming, but normal attacks to destroy your village and the strategy would be different. This is for the beginning months when you’re a small village and targeted mostly for resources.

1. Cranny

The first thing that helps you is tha cranny. It hides your resources and the attacked cannot gain access to them (except for the Teutons who can take 1/3 of the resources). This needs a bit more explanation. Imagine the cranny as it is: a container with the resources in it. The Teuton can get the upper part of the resources. If you have 1000 resources, the “upper” 333 would be taken. If you have 600 resources in a 1000 resources cranny then he’ll take nothing since the 600 resources are in the “bottom” …

NOTE: The cranny hides EACH of the resources types. If you’re having a 1000 resources cranny that means he hides 1000 of EACH resorce, not 250.

2. The Market

You can send some resources to a friend and have them back after the attack ends. Or you can trade at that time. This is why a well developed market can make a difference. If you just traded some of the resources and they’re on the way they cannot be stolen. If they’re on the market as an offer, the attacker still has access to them.

3. Spend those resources

No matter how (upgrades or buying soldiers), eat up those resources. If an attacker has you on the list of farms he’ll come till you have resources. After few unsuccessful raids he’ll just delete you from the list. It’s a war and a business in the end: if I come empty-handed too many times, I won’t waste my armie’s time on your village and move to another one.

4. DON’T LET TROOPS in the village

This is where I disagree with many who say: have some troops to defend. Unless you’re being attacked with catapults, don’t bother waste troops. Most of the raiders who know their business SCOUT before. And if they see troops they might send an Hero to be trained on your poor soldiers. Just today I killed over 100 troops stationed in a village … my Hero was very happy for such an experience boost.

The main idea of dealing with a farming attempt is to MINIMIZE the losses. If you’re eating up the resources and have no troops the attacker will leave with 100 resources or less .. maybe he won’t come back. But leave resources or troops and he might come over and over again.

5. Send a message

Some of the people I used to raid sent me messages to ask me to please stop. I always do. I started from zero too and I believe that no matter what we all have the right to enjoy the game in the end. Those who sent me a nice message were excused from future raiding. I even taught some of them from the tricks I advise so that they’d be able to learn even more and protect themselves from others. Most of the players would stop attacking you if you write a nice polite message to them. There are some jerks on a power trip, but most are OK.

DO NOT curse the attacker or write in a nasty manner. In the end YOU are the one NEEDING the favour. Most of the time the response would be a massive attack (even with catapults) to finish your stay in Travian. No matter how much of a nice girl I am, if you’re using a bad tone I’ll make sure I bookmark your village and farm the living daylight from you. Or just send catas to see how you’re doing with a 0 population.


In addition to what John wrote I would like to add two things:

Using correct grammar and punctuation will give your message a better chance of being read and the attacks stopping. Chat speak, bad spelling, no punctuation tend to lead to continued attacks whether or not the attacker is getting anything simply because those types of messages are amusing/annoying.

On top of that, a creatively written message is way more likely to be heeded by an attacker simply for the time it takes and the fact that it shows that you are a bit more serious or open minded about the game and again for the amusement factor for the attacker.
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