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Chakos Guide for Romans
This article is located at Chakos Guide for Romans

Chakos Guide for Romans

Offensive armies aren’t hard to build, especially if you have free time and a PLUS account. It took me about a month and a half to churn out a huge army (seems like a lot in RL, but in Travian time its not bad) and here is my set up. I used this army to take an artifact from a great player;
he didn’t expect me to have a huge army because I was not highly ranked. Now you too can take advantage of the huge army+low rank position…

there was never anyone close to me really worth conquering, so i’ve had to build up my villages the old fashioned way with settlers. Also, bear in mind that I started later and grew up in a pretty peaceful part of the map. This guide also assumes that you have some experience playing travian, so alter it as you see fit. I played as Romans.

1) In your main village, build up at least your barracks and stable to lvl 20; build up stable/great stable later once you have alot of res. Also, build up your marketplace and trade office so you can transfer resources quickly to build up your support villages. Max out your blacksmith and get to lvl 20 for your imps, catas, and rams. The upgrades save you 25% in crop. (this means at level 20, 100 imps attack like 125 imps, 1000 attack like 1250, etc.) By the end of the game my main village looked like this:
(note that all the extra granaries/warehouses allowed me to ship lots of res. to the main village without constantly being online to make sure it didn’t overflow. also, you require about 4 level 20 warehouses to hold enough resources to make a level 20 tournament square, and you’ll want a ton of granaries so you can use your big army all at once. my big army from up above cost me around 36,000 crop PER HOUR!!)

2) You should have a number of secondary villages to feed res. to your main village. you don’t neccessarily have to build them RIGHT next to your main village. Build up the res. fields, foundery/woodchopper/etc, along with the marketplace and trade office. (i leave the trade offices around level 10 unless i have major extra resources; after level 10 it gets too expensive to be really useful especially if you have PLUS and can use the ‘go twice’ option. Towards the end of the server I got them all to around level 15.) Once these villages’ res. fields are maxed out they only exist to send res. to your main village. My 2nd-14th villages are of this type. The barracks/great barracks/stable in my main village can run 24/7 thanks to the res. they send. Building up the support villages is probably the most important part, so you want to found them and build them up as your first priority. Once you have all the extra res. being sent to your main village you can spend alot on building barracks/stable/blacksmith+upgrades/tournament square in your main village.

once those are finished you can use your res. to make garages. I also put a Town Hall in each support village and hold a little party in them constantly (little parties are the best value for resources/culture). that is the cheapest way to increase your culture points so you can build more gargages (which won’t produce many culture points.) I build a residence in my garages as needed to make more settlers.

3) Garages!
After you’ve got a bunch of support villages built up and your main village is churning out troops you’ll start to run into major negative crop production. Garages are villages that only exist to hold troops as reinforcements until you need them. Build your main building to lvl 5. build your warehouse and granary to lvl 13. build a lvl 1 rally point. then, max out the crop fields and flour mill/bakery. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED. Build these garages as near to your main village as possible. A 6 crop field site will max out at around 1.6k crop/hour. A 7 crop field site will get to around 2K. This means you will store 1600-2000 imps in each village with NO risk of them starving. Just don’t let your garages go into negative crop production. Since these villages are near your main village, you can recall your reinforcements quickly to make an attack. Keep a raiding party in your main village and have them raid constantly to keep bringing in res, and at this point especially, extra crop. If you find that you need more support villages to keep the Barracks/stable/great barracks/great stable in your main village running it is very easy to turn a garage into a support village.

Towards the end of the server I got bored and started building other stuff in these villages when my big army got killed and they were overflowing with crop (ie, I enlarged the granaries and built marketplaces to send crop to other players on my team who needed it.)

This method might not give you a HUGE pop but it will enable you to make a HUGE army. Remember, all attacking forces have to come from the same village, so it doesn’t make much sense to make off. forces in more than one village. ie, if you make 1000 imps in 4 different villages you can only make 4 different attacks with 1000 imps each. however, if you make 4000 imps in one village than you can make one attacks with 4000 imps OR 4 different attacks with 1000 imps each.

make sense?

If you want defensive troops, you can build them anywhere. My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th largest villages have lvl 20 barracks and can make lvl 20 prats.


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