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Catapulting Basics
This Article appears in The Unofficial Travian Guide

Quote:Catapulting Basics
When planning to send catas in an attack it is important to take the size of a village into consideration.. It's pointless to send waves of 50 catas if your attacking a 50 pop village.. Be reasonable about this..

Once you've determined how many catas you want to send you then will look at your troops and determine how many troops you want to send in each with each wave.. Now there are two ways I've seen this done.. The first way is to send one huge clear wave with one cata first followed by your cata waves with smaller or no troops with the catas.. The other way is to send equal amounts of troops with each cata wave..

Once you've decided on your preferred method it comes time to send your catas and to pick your target buildings/fields..

The preferred target will give you what is called a wheat kill.. Meaning you will destroy everything the is involved with the wheat income of that village.. This will effectively cripple a village and cause it's troops to starve..

Your targets are prioritized in this order:

1- Wheat fields
2- Granary
3- Mill/Bakery

The other method is refferred to as a military kill.. This involves destroying anything involving the production of troops..

Your targets are prioritized in this order:

1- Barracks/Stable
2- Rally Point
3- Workshop

Well all that's left now is to send out the attacks... this can be done in ONE second! Let me show you how...


A 1 second catapult attack is when you are attacked multipule times in 1 second (or as near as posible to 1 second).

This is done to prevent the defender from having a chance to defend against your assault and insure maximum damage to the defenders village

Notes before we start

This is from a server 1 account I have access to the village defending has no defences and is only 22pop (done a few of these over the last few days after the guy threatened to virus my pc)

This is an example only, the values can be discussed elsewhere.

Browsers used are I.E. 6 and Opera to show tabed and none tabbed browsing methods

Oh and I do not have IE 7 because I hate microsoft and wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, if you have it and downloaded it unwittingly, download opera or mozilla (i am not sure how to do it on mozilla either, but one method or the other will work)

The set up

I.E. 6
[Image: 2915821580037686397S600x600Q85.jpg]

[Image: 2835243040037686397S600x600Q85.jpg]

Clearing wave

The clearing wave is used to clear all defencive troops prior to the main attack.
Note the use of 1 cata to slow the assault down
This attack could also be a fake - 1 cata only no troops to assist it
Also there could be many of these fakes/clearing waves
[Image: 2292830440037686397S600x600Q85.jpg]

The catapult waves

As this is an example these waves are 10 catas strong with a support made up of my remaining troops (balance it out if you like) and the target will be set to random.

See the final picture as to how i ballanced the troops out
[Image: 2561997140037686397S600x600Q85.jpg]

After doing this on all screens click the first "OK" button (dont click the second yet)

The stack

The stack is where you shrink all the windows/tabs down to a small size leaving only the ok showing

I.E. 6
[Image: 2837778090037686397S600x600Q85.jpg]

[Image: 2574384790037686397S600x600Q85.jpg]
[Image: 2255989720037686397S600x600Q85.jpg]

The result

now as fast as you can click the OK buttons in rapid sucession (dont wait for it to load just click and move on)

If done correctly you can get multiple attacks in 1 second leaving very little gap for reinforcements to join the fight

[Image: 2533236950037686397S600x600Q85.jpg]


As can be seen there is very little chance to defend these attacks

Practice doing this by sending 1 second reinforcements between your villages, use the same technique but reinforce instead of attack.
Posted by Daniel at 20:16

Launching attacks with FireFox3

Everyone thinks you must use scripts if you have tight waves all landing in the same second, well this just is not the case. Here is the method that I use on S1 and have along with other offensive coordinators taught our members to use. There will be an adaptation to this method for IE listed at the bottom.

1.Open the first send troops tab, enter your troops and hit ok the first time.
2.CNTRL click the city name of your target (this opens another tab directly to the city you are attacking) set up troops.
**Like before select ok the first time only**
3.Repeat step 2. until you have the desired number of attack tabs open.
4.Click through each page, click anywhere on the white area and hit TAB.
**You will see an outline appear around the OK button**
5.After you have performed step 4 on each tab move to tab 1 and do the same.
6.Watch the seconds counting. Pre-select a time in your mind – I always go at the top of the minute or the 15sec mark.
7.With your left thumb on the left cntrl and pointer finger on the tab move through the tabs while spam hitting your enter key with your right hand.

I can easily achieve 7 waves per second on fakes, sometimes 8. On real attacks my average is 6-7 waves. Sometimes you have to pull back and try again, however to get them all in 1 second it is worth it.

I am very particular on my attacks. I always send the same number fakes on other cities as I plan to send in my real attack, I also try to make it so all my fakes and my real land at the same time or within seconds – 1 min max separation.

If you use IE you can use this same method but need to use your mouse to click not the enter key. My average on IE is 5-6 per second not much slower. Only draw back is on FF3 if you want to mix things up throw fakes before after in the middle to keep your pattern undetectable – the enter method does not slow you down with the single/double shot moving the location of your OK button.


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