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Merry Christmas from Laos
I'm in Vientiane at the moment, not a gift but the necessity of another visa run. A long drive from the Gulf through the bulk of Eastern Thailand, 500 miles perhaps, 12 hours. A torture. Because the crinch who stole christman is with us. A guy so disgusting I have never seen before. Hair coloured flame red, skin covered in tattoos and abscesses, stinks like a sewer. Can't speak comprehensivly but babbles like one does after two bottles of Jack Daniels, and suffers from a deep, wet cough all the time. The driver said the girlfriend of the guy told him he was sick (what a relief to know), but now he believes he's just drunken.
Laos alledgedly is one of the ten poorest countries, if so, the communist regime covers it well. I'm happy not to see the always same pics of the Siamese king and queen all over the place, but of a happily smiling peasant woman with a child in her arms, and such. Yellow hammer and sickle flags on red ground, not many of them. Not many Laotian flags, either. Seems the folks have other resources than nationalism to unite, compared with Thailand. The roads are better, Vientiane is a clean city without dumps along the streets, water is drinkable and under real pressure, traffic is not the playground for the mentally challenged, but seems to follow rules such as respect for follow humans. Little noise, a general feeling of security, no obvious crime everywhere, no obvious hungry folks, or sick ones, no beggars, drug addicts, dealers, few street whores. Clean air. I like countries where security, cleanliness, and a couple more implicitnesses don't have to be puchased privately, but are provided to anybody. There is even no great police presence everywhere such as in Thailand, don't know at how many road blocks we had to stop there and our van was searched by police and heavily armed military. If that's freedom, I can do without it.
Vientiane is no real city inspite 450,000 inhabitants, rather a laidback, overgrown village. No highrises. Much of the French colonial architecture is left, beautiful, the leading second language is also French, not English. Signs are usually in Lao and French. Located at one shore of the Mekong, the opposite one belongs to Thailand. A dissapointing small river considering it's one of the world's longest and most iconic, say the Volga is a whole lot wider and wilder. Although it's the border between Laos and Thailand for about 500 km, a grand total of one bridge spans it. On the river itself, hardly any traffic. (When I compare this to the river Autobahnen of Europe, Rhein, Donau, Volga, it's nothing). None at all last night when I sat there and had diner.
I think Laos is a country Western expats should consider to move to.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney
What do the women look like?
Like the Thais in Pattaya, just slimmer. Most of them are ethnic Lao or Khmer. The whole eastern third of the country had been occupied by Thais in the 19th century and before.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney
Well, here's a real citizen of Laos. I know the girl (on the small pic), and noted she looked a bit bloated recently. Funny statement: "out of work". Pregnancy is the occupational hazard in her line of work. They find late fetuses and killed newborns here all over the place. This one might have been 7 or 8 months old. Clear picture in todays paper, blurred on the website. Since 01/01, the depiction of a naked female breast is banned in all media here. Odd.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney
Yeah John, I noticed before there's something off in your head. What I reported yesterday all happened in Thailand, which is certainly not communist. Prostitution and it's ugly side effects are not a phenomenon of communism. Poverty which drives people into prostitution exists in Laos and Thailand as well. My guess is that in Laos, as it was custom in communist nations, abortion is legal, and if women miss the dead-line, they can give unwanted children into the custody of the state. Neither in Thailand, though.
For same the reasons you mentioned, I hate capitalism and anybody supporting this utterly rotten system. It's them responsible for the killing fields, too.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney

America is full of prostitutes,we're wealthy. Some girls choose this route because they don't need a skill to make a living,some folks just have no initiative dude.

I see tons of good looking girls with good heads who prefer to walk around nekid or mostly nekid because it brings in cash with NO mental focus or work. Not even prostitutes,just mentally lazy girls who rake in chips showing guys their pretty Hooters,titty bars,etc.

I agree,extreme poverty can make it more attractive to a girl who would prefer not to go that route,but,in nirvana,lots of females will choose this route,it's part of the character of some females. Almost to the girl they had terrible relationships with their father's,too.
had to go to laos again because i lost two months of visa missing the extention deadline by a day. the mekong has been in the headlines for weeks for its unusually low water level, it's actually down to a rio grande trickle. never been too impressed with that river, might be half a km wide where we cross it, i have seen tributaries in russia that were bigger.
my hotel room happened to overlook the french embassy, a pretty colonial villa with a cafe in a smaller building on the grounds, scooters parking on the lawn, and a couple of people enjoying the sun on blankets spread on the lawn. no security far and wide, anybody can walk in. the typical french disorder, and disregard for authority.
to call my girlfriend i had to walk to the river to have connection to the thai network, and the american embassy was on the way. a forbidding building surrounded by 5 metre walls, and a solid steel door. the star and stripes above it. i get my cell out to make some pics, when three securty guards jump on me "no picture". huh? do i look like a taliban?
americans are quite nice privately, but there's something wrong with your state.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney
i'm in cambodia this time because it looks like the time of the long 800 km runs to laos is past, cambodia is only 260 km away. seems they figured out a way to go round the rule that you have to make your visa application on the embassy in person, we just travelled to the nearest town behind the border, our passports were collected, and are on they way to phnom phen. which is a further 450 km from this place.
the border town is called poipet, and i think it's a smaller version of las vegas. our hotel must have thousands of slot machines, roulette, and poker tables. that's because gambling is prohibited in thailand, there are no casinos, no bets on sport results, even playing skat for money in a private round is a crime. tell me about collectivism.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney

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