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Goals And Mission Statement
Goals & Mission Statement

The purpose for this statement is to familiarize All members with their rights, responsibilities, and what the alliance leadership expects from it's members, And what you can expect from the leadership as well. Everyone should be aware that the goal of this game is to grow, and prepare for the End Game, when the Nadars are released in the later stages. If you have any questions about the game, please go to the main Travian Forum, and read all you can in order to familiarize yourself with this. . You can access this forum by looking at the left hand side of your page, and clicking on the "Forum" link.

Remember, the only way we will have any chance of winning the prize is for us to cooperate and grow stronger(size and number), so we will be well prepared for the End Game, which is still months away. Always look upon your fellow alliance members as your friend, and go out of your way to help them when they are in need of any form of "legitimate" help. If you are not willing to help them, how can you later expect them to do the same with you?

Follow the rules posted below. They are self-explanatory, and are common sense rules, which any logical thinking person can understand. Our policy is not to Order you around, but rather point you in the right direction, and expect you to be mature enough to follow them. If you have any questions or objections, it is your responsibility to contact our Personnel Director(S1) first, and express any points with him/her.

Act like an Adult at all times! Granted there are many very young people here, including teenagers, and some younger. However, this does not mean that you are exempt from acting like the adult we expect. You naturallywant us to treat you this way, but this is indeed a two way street. This means that you Think first, before leaping. If you attack a fellow confederation member, you will be expected to pay reparations AND damages to that person with whom you have damaged. If this continues, we will have no other alternative but let you go your own seperate way.

When you communicate, take the time to Edit your messages. Reread them and correct any misspellings, or other grammatical errors. Adults do not communicate in single sylibals or grunts, so we expect you to conduct yourself the same way. If you cannot communicate properly, how can you expect us to understand what you need/say, and act accordingly? Incidentially, if English is not your native language, we will not expect the same level of proficiency as a native to English.


1. Remain Active. This means that you definately should sign in at least once daily. If you have a problem with this, make the proper arrangements to overcome this handicap. This will be explained further below. Also, check with the Alliance front page, and scroll down to the members listings. If you will note, there are four (4) conditions for members. These are: Green-Active; Blue-Signed in; Yellow-not active and in danger of being dropped from roles; Red-the worst situation, in which you will be removed because you are not active. If you have a good reason, you must be able to plea your case, should you be removed.

2. Obtain a "Sitter". Naturally we cannot Make you do what you do not wish, but if you wish to remain a member of a responsible alliance you Must have at least one (1) sitter, and ever better yet, two(2) of them, just in case something unforseen occurs. Sitters are very important, because they are the ones, who will cover your back, should something occur in "real life" and you are forced away for up to a week. If you do not obtain one, you are not a responsible member, and you will not last long. Also, if you go to the Alliance forum, you will see a thread on "sitters, in which you can request one for you.

3. Check the Alliance forum, and participate there on a daily basis. This is very important, because this is where the inner alliance cross talk is made. If you want to be in the "know" then you Must go there and read up on it regularly. Also, when a general message is sent out, you are expected to travel to the forum and answer on the thread that covers this message. Do not answer the leadership individually unless it it very important. Go to the forum first, and get in the habit of doing this. It will save you a world of hurt later on.

4. Do NOT attack fellow Confederacy allies!! This is very important. If you find someone, with whom you wish to raid, and they are the member of another alliance, STOP! Go to the alliance front page and scroll down to the portion that publishes our confederates and Non-Aggression Pact friends. If they are listed there, you are NOT allowed to attack them. In fact, it is best not to attack Any others of an alliance. The consequences tend to be detrimental to your health, and if you screw up, you will not be supported by the alliance.

Also, if you should leap before you look, and do attack a friend, you will be REQUIRED to pay restitution for what you may have stolen, AND Damages, which will consist of a predetermined amount as agreed upon by the leadership of this alliance and the offended alliance. If you refuse to take the responsibility for this, you cannot remain a member in good standing. Further, if you persist in this behaviour, you will be dropped from the alliance roles, because we cannot be responsible for your having broken the rules on a regular basis.

5. Answer All correspondence from your fellow members AND from the leadership. If the correspondence is private, then answer it in a private manner. If it is a 'form' letter, from the alliance leadership, travel to the forum and locate the appropriate thread, and leave your message there. Remember, if you are not communicating properly, the alliance cannot know your needs and condition. We will not be able to help you, and will have to look for more responsible members, who Will communicate properly.

6. Be willing to eventually relocate to another location. This may not make sense to you now, but where you start out, is perhaps the least secure place for you to be. That is why responsible alliances always designate a "Stronghold", where members are close to each other, and can help defend everyone from bad neighbors, and believe me, they are out there. Six months from now, your initial village will be the least of your worries, and the others will be far more important. We do not require that you relocate, because you have 'free will', and this is not the military. However, if you do not have your, and our, best long term interests in mind, you cannot be expected to have the rest of the alliance come rushing to your defense, when you are so far away, and because you chose not to work with the other members as a team.

7. Be honest to your fellow members! If you are not, you are setting up not only youself, but others who take you at your word. This will tend to lead to misunderstanding, ill will, and eventual loss of membership. If you cannot be trusted with your word, how can you be trusted in other things? Remember, it is far better to stand up and have the courage to admit a mistake, take your punishment if any, and carry on, than it is to be deceptive, disappoint and anger others who rely upon you.

8. Display Patience and keep your "cool" when under pressure. Remember, crying Wolf, at the drop of a hat, will get you taken less seriously with each example. Think first, before crying for help. Do not overload your alliance leadership with petty information that causes them to be pushed to the brink of exhaustion.

9. Utalize the Leadership staff Chain-of-command. If you have a membership question, notify the personnel director/leader. If you have a diplomacy question, contact the alliance diplomat. Do not trouble the leader with things he/she does not need to become involved with. This alliance uses the General Staff principle, and the chain of command flows upward and downward, through it's proper channels. Do not worry others, who are not in the chain of command, because it causes confusion AND miscommunication. This is vitally important! Utalize the Chain-of-Command.

10. Be willing to contribute to the alliance for the improvement of the Embassy. Without this, the alliance cannot grow larger and stronger. The standard contributions are to the amount of one hour's resources at any one time, as the rules allow. As the Embassy continues to be improved, it will become steadily more expensive to improve, until it reaches Level 20. Note the costs, and you will understand why this is a group effort, and one person cannot possibly afford to do it all. All information on the Embassy can be found right here. Please study the numbers so as to gain a true perspective of the cost of development.

Remember: We in the leadership expect no more from you than we would expect of ourselves. We should be constantly leading by example, and if someone is not doing so, take your concerns to the proper position, within the Chain-of-Command, and let your concerns be known.

We will be fair and honest with you at all times, and we expect same from you too. This promotes respect from all, and without the proper respect, it will be impossible for any alliance to work like a well-oiled machine, that will be needed of us later in the game.


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