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NASA's Spirit Rover in Jeopardy
i have been following this extraordinary mission since it began. i think they were only supposed to last a few months, yet here one of them is still rolling around five years later. NASA did a tremendous job in designing and creating this machine. its about to shut down for a Martian storm and may never be back online. I hope it reurns after the storm, because this little rover outlasted the Phoenix mission, which was supposed to find ice or evidence of life on Mars.

Quote:A massive Martian dust storm has dramatically cut the amount of sunlight reaching the solar panels of Nasa's Mars Spirit rover, threatening its survival.

The solar-powered rover, which is nearing its fifth year on Mars, produced only 89 watt-hours of energy last weekend, half the normal amount it needs to function, mission scientists said.
The culprit was a dust storm that moved over Spirit's site near the Martian equatorial plains, blocking sunshine from reaching its solar panels.
Spirit is one of two rovers sent to the red planet in 2003 to search for clues about past water activity

images from Spirit Rover:
[Image: SpiritEastHills.jpg]
images courtesy of Space Today
[Image: 760.png]
5 years is an incredibly long time for those gadgets to last.

Somebody needs to introduce GM to the rover design team after Wagoner has been fired.

I wonder what made those hills in the background?
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Quote:I wonder what made those hills in the background?


but seriously, these things were only supposed to last a few weeks. whatever team designed them deserve a nobel or something.

Do they still give Nobels to non-murderers?
[Image: 760.png]
[Image: martian.jpg]
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dum duh dum dum...
[Image: 760.png]
I heard yesterday that they got a signal from the rover.
Hopefully it will keep on roven.

They should stop sending these wimpy rovers. Send a "monster truck" nuclear powered rover.
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