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Growing hot spot at the Turkish/Iraqi border

This just totally devalues their movement. I don't care what wrongs the Turks may do.

I just wonder,how much of this PKK attitude exists in Iraq? Marxist dialectics that is.
Ocalan's Terrorist group was called Ocalancilar. It was Marxist/Leninist organization aimed at establishing Communist Government in Turkey, and Turks were included in their membership.

After they could not get much support from Turks and Kurds in Turkey they adapted the Name PKK (Kurdish: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan meaning Kurdish Workers Party).

They became more powerful after Saddam decided to let them establish terrorist camps in N. Iraq for punishing Turks for their support of the First Gulf War, and providing bases for enforcing the No Fly Zone in Northern Iraq.

Through political efforts and with some intimidation Turkey got Iran, Syria, Iraq, Armenia and Greece to stop their support of PKK which started their downward spiral.
Many of the displacements of Kurds in Southeast Turkey was also due to The GAP Project.

A little bit about GAP Project:

Quote:The Southeastern Anatolian Project is Turkey's largest and most multifaceted development project, and also, one of the largest development projects in the world. The project includes active farming with extensive irrigation systems and electricity production, alongside of which are the tourism, mining, petrol, education, health, communication, industry and transport sectors.

The Southeastern Anatolia Project covers the lower parts of the Firat and Dicle rivers; and Gazi Antep, Sanli Urfa, Adiyaman, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Siirt, Batman and Sirnak, which are situated on the plains between the rivers. This project will also bring with it a change in climate in the area.

The Ataturk Dam and Hydroelectric Plant, the largest in Turkey and the sixth largest in the world, is situated in the Bozova town of Sanli Urfa. Ataturk Dam, which is the major foundation of the Southeastern Anatolia Project, is important not only for energy production but also for irrigation.
The water obtained from the reservoirs of the Ataturk Dam on the Firat river is going to be carried to the Harran plain by the Sanli Urfa Tunnel System. The Sanli Urfa Tunnel System is the largest in the world, in view of its length and flow rate. The waters of the Firat river will pass through tunnels which are 26.4 kilometers in length and 7.62 meters in diameter, and be distributed to the vast cropland on the Southeastern Anatolian plains from central and side channels, bringing a production boom and prosperity to the region. As of late 1994, the tunnel system is open, and the waters of the Firat are flowing to the Harran plain.

This project was started by Turkish PM Turgut Ozal who himself was half Kurdish, and had sincere interest in improving the lives of Kurds and Turks living in the South East Turkey.

PKK and some European countries blamed the displacement of towns due to the GAP Project to the PKK conflict.
Later many European countries tried to stop the project supposedly to protect archaeological sites. However they were reminded that every inch of land in Anatolia might have archaeological value, and beside providing time to rescue the artifacts the progress must go on.

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