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UBL Strikes Back
you know, considering Drudge was Bullseye on the Roberts nomination hours before most MSM discount outlets knew, i will take a chance eon this one. i think it is making the rounds on the Cable news, but this is the first i read about it. i will copy and post the brief, but i will interject with some questions i have...

Wed Jul 20 2005 20:20:53 ET

Terror investigators hunting the London bombing mastermind are to question a suspected Al Qaeda planner held in Pakistan.

British-born Haroon Rashid Aswad was seized at a religious school with a suicide bomb belt, explosives and GBP 13,000 in cash.

Security sources in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, claim he had up to 20 telephone conversations with London bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer. One of these is believed to have been just hours before the blasts.

The UK's DAILY MAIL reports on Thursday: Security sources say he trained at an Afghan camp which was visited by Osama Bin Laden and that he is linked to two of Bin Laden's planners and an Al Qaeda suspect held in America.

hang on...there cant be too many of these, right? who is it? its gotta be someone we have heard before? Moussaoui? Padilla?

Quote:U.S. investigators have been told that Aswad attended the Khalden camp in Afghanistan, favoured by foreign terror trainees. British shoe bomber Richard Reid is among those who attended the camp and it has been reported that London bomber Khan also went there.

have been told by whom?

and Reid was YEARS ago! why haven't all these vermin been exterminated? we know they went to the camps, how many are left? how many of these Campers at the Afghan Day Spa were hijackers on 9/11?


[Image: 760.png]
I'm sure that most of this knowledge came from captured terrorists who are interrigated over time. I can't be sure who fed the info, but I would bet that it is an accumulated amount over time and between many individuals, with the dots being connected.

If the intelligence agencies are working together as they say they are, then all this interaction should be producing Real results, as the number of terrorist attacks are few and far between.

I certainly would love to hear about the attempts that were discovered and thwarted
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
Interrogations probably make up 90% of what we do know.

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