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Yul Brinner's birthplace
This summer I've been in a village at the Japanese sea for a while and found out the place where American actor Yul Brinner was born. You probably remember a bald tanned man from the "Magnificent Seven" movie. If you don't, google.
Rock Brynner, his son and professor in the States arrived here to get acquainted with ruins of his Ancestor's Nest.
His site with pictures is here.
Brinner's family was Swiss or Jewish or both. They owned big international business here together with Polish nobleman Mikhail Yankovsky. Yankovsky participated in the anti-czarist riot and was sent by authorities to pan out gold in Siberia. He liked staying so he founded a deer-breeding enterprise on a compound which is located on the Yankovsky peninsular.
Some more info:
Quote:Mikhail Jankovskii originally was a Polish nobleman who was exiled to Siberia by the Russians when they crushed the Polish rebellion in the 1860s. In Siberia Jankovskii remade himself as a Russian named Yankovsky, found his way to the Bay of Posset south of Vladivostok, a rugged and unoccupied seacoast where he established himself in what might be called a feudal fief, which he named Sidemy, the "Sitting Place." There he set about building up a herd of the little Sika deer whose antlers were so prized by declining Chinese men. His neighbors were mainly wolves and bandits, the notorious Manchurian honghuzi, or "Red Beards," so Yankovsky also recruited a private army--of Koreans, as it turned out, because he mistrusted all Chinese as potential honghuzi. With his Korean "subjects," as they called themselves, he hunted--in no particular order--bandits, wolves, tigers, leopards, and boar, becoming a first-class naturalist in the process. In fact, items in the flora and fauna of the Ussuri country still bear his name: the swan Cygnus jankowskii, the bunting Emberiza jankowskii, and the beetle Captolabrus jankowskii, among others....
What can I say? Since the Reds beat the crap out of Whites, this story wouldn't matter. Reds are gone, Whites are gone.
The deers are yet breeded on this stripe of land, not so many as in the Soviet times. Yankovsky house is being rebuilt now but the family vault of Lutheran style smells with pee.
I wanted to write an optimistic end to this story, but my head lacks of thoughts like a beach sun-burning.
That last photo of Yul himself sure brings back memories. Even as a very young man,I can see that Yul Brenner was always that determined look kid of guy,that was not just his acting persona.

Over here,he was always bald headed in the movies. Always played a swashbuckler type guy,bold,etc. Brenner is how he changed to Anglicize his last name.

Great actor,I miss him. Interesting info there,thanks for it.

Incidentally,Yul's last film work was a desperate plea for people to stop smoking. He was in his last days on earth,looked it and made a public plea for smokers to stop it before we ended up like Yul did,lung cancer got him.

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