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Why India Will Bypass China
Aha! ...But the trick is in the balance of power. If India has its own forces complicating things to take advantage of China's move on Taiwan, then it has power of its own and may try to take advantage of that. They may care less about who wins, it is all about taking advantage of the way the stage is set in order to earn a star on the dressing room door.
The Pakistan-India thing is a balancing act,so far we've done it exceptionally well.

Both states are working with us,both know we are going to deal with the other and accept it.

The Jews and Arabs of Palestine BOTH look to America to solve their problems and no one has stronger hatred for each other. The reason is NO ONE else can help.

We're the man.

I wish we were NOT the man. I just wish we had the strongest military on earth,bar none,that's the man enough for me.
Palladin Wrote:I wish we were NOT the man. I just wish we had the strongest military on earth,bar none,that's the man enough for me.

Can't have one without the other. Mainly its an economic matter. Our debt-holders are, for the most part, the British and the Japanese. They invest in our economy for two reasons: security and security.

Security in that they know we won't ever default or declare bankruptcy. I also mean "security" in that we keep the world's seas free for trade. Think about it... Until the US Navy came to dominance, international shipping was always at high risk from piracy. Even during the the vaunted British Royal Navy's tenure, the sea lanes were rife with threats both from independents and from other nations. Nations like the UK and Japan now effectively pay us to keep the lanes open for trade. Its how we pay for our bad ass military.

Now, if we were to just withdraw, other nations would remove their economic support from us. Also, because they would need the increased capital to maintain their own trade security, they would likely begin to demand immediate payment on all that debt. We would of course, refuse and then the rest of the world really would be pissed off at us. Finally, while the rest of the civilized nations begin to bicker, all that trade security that we have taken for granted for the last 50 years would deteriorate.

We're looking at eventual global economic collapse. In the meantime, the revenue that we count on for our own internal security would begin to dry up. I'm not being overly dramatic when I say that we would be looking at a nearly apocalyptic scenario.
"Most people just want tomorrow to look pretty much like today." - Terry Pratchett

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