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CSIS Gives Improved Rating to the Iraqi Army
This is who has been hardest on the ratings,this is some fantastic improvement in 1 year.

I agree. Rome was not built in over night either. And considering the miserable state of the military under Saadam, I find it commendable that they are where they are now. Plus, they have the Arab mold to break as well.
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Once we realized the error of our ways as regards Iraqi security forces, we threw a tremendous amount of resources at the problem, both military and contractor. But there is still a very long way to go before they are able to take full responsibility for their own security. Its best to read the full report: Iraqi Force Deployment: Can Iraqi Forces Do the Job?

I agree and it's actually worse than most of us realize because there are long term non SUNNI problems to be dealt with in Basra where it appears the Brits just opted out when Sadr openly declared war.

We hurt his side everywhere BUT Basra and as I understand it,the Brits and Sadr had a Mexican standoff,so the militatnts have taken over Basra is the word I am getting. Eventually now the Iraqis will have to deal with that problem as well as the Sunni

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