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US could have stopped the insurgency before it began
The US occupation could have prevented an insurgency before it even began in 2003 saving thousands of lives and taxpayers dollars.

There was a brief period when no insurgency existed in Iraq after the liberation of Baghdad and Saddam's statue fell. After this event Basra was the scene of angry demonstration against the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) - the first of its kind.

About 200 former army officials said they had not been paid their pensions for more than four months. The protest started when about 100 ex-officers went to the CPA to ask for their money.

It has been an ongoing dispute here but this is the first time the complaints turned violent with protesters threatening to storm the gates in the southern city.

These men happened to include high ranking figures in the Iraqi Army and were still loyal to Saddam.

The US government, as advised by Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez decided a few days later that anyone over the rank of colonel did not warrant pensions as their had been too close to Saddam to be on the US payroll. It was then that the insurgency was formed.

Many of the current leading figures within the insurgency are ex-high ranking figures in the Iraqi army, most of whom would have been happy to retire in peace if they received the money that was secured for them under Saddam and removed by the occupying forces.

Of course this wouldn't have stopped figures like Al Zaqarwi from also taking advantage of the situation, but it might have prevented Fallujah from being torn to pieces.
There is much truth to this assertion. Where the US went wrong was turning out the entire military sturcture as being unreformable. At least in the short run, they should have keep things together and eliminated the potential problems on a piecemeal basis, one by one, instead of turning all of them out on the street. Big mistake.

However, I suspect that one of the reasons why the insurgency was not there to start with was because outsiders and terrorists were unorganized and had not had a chance to get into the country. So I would be a little easier on the US because of that aspect.

Clearly, we made a huge mistake, that will not be repeated in the future should we have to repeat the situation somewhere else. At least I can only hope so.
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I disagree. The men who have been fighting the USA and dying doing it are not doing it because they failed to receive pension checks for 4 months.

The men that are just massacring the Iraqi Shiites are not doing it because they failed to receive 4 months stipend.

They are driven by various motivations and money is one of them,but if you listen to soldiers over there which I do,you find out these mercenaries are NOT the fearful determined foe,they will give up,they often half as.sed do anything to avoid death and hopefully get their payday,which is substantial, incidentally.

The real hardcore NON JIHADI fighter doesn't give a about his pension,he hates Jews,he hates the USA because he thinks we are run by Jews,he is very xenophobic,he hates the thought of his country being ruled by SHIITE Muslims,that is not acceptable,it has NEVER been that an Arab nation was ruled by SHIITE MUSLIMS and they'll be da.mned it happens without them fighting it to the death,Sunni Muslims see Shiites as APOSTATES and detrimiental to their faith,they see democracy not as a system in and of itself BUT a nefarious way to hand THEIR land to APOSTATE SHIITE RULE AND they are not about to give up the perks of rule without a good fight. Incidentally,while they aren't jihadi,they are driven by a loyalty to their Sunni clan's rule and there are varying degrees of religiosity among them,some very strong.

The Jihadists are fighting what they perceive to be the most extreme evil on earth,The American crusaders and her APOSTATE allies within the SHIITE community and Jews. Just go to a jihadi website guys,listen to them and stop trying to figure them out within OUR paradigm.


It just seems silly to me to think that all the death and destruction was caused by slow implementation of stipend payments. There is and was NO way to reason with most these folks,the only ones we could take off the table were the mercenaries,this is an organized terror campaign and it didn't get orgnaized AFTER we got to Basra.

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