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The Forgotten Refugees
Everyone knows about the Palestinian refufees. That's all you ever hear about. But what about the Jews(almost All Separdic Jews), who were lucky enough just to escape with their lives? And many did not.

Quote:The Forgotten Refugees

Few remember that there were more Jewish refugees from Arab countries than of Palestinians from Israel. In 1948 there were 856,000 Jews living in Arab countries. By 2005, only about 5,000.

This Monday, through Wednesday, in London a cooperative of 77 Jewish communities and organizations in 20 countries, Justice For Jews, will hold a conference and briefing to Parliament on the plight of these Jews.

More than $100 billion of Jewish individual and communal assets were confiscated by Arab Governments. One of the objectives of Justice for Jews is to include recompense for these assets in any larger considerations of Palestinian grievances. Over the last 60 years, tens of billions of dollars have been disbursed by the international community to provide services and assistance to Palestinian refugees. During that same period, there were no UN resolutions; no support provided by UN agencies; nor any financial assistance forthcoming from the international community to ameliorate the plight of Jewish and other refugees from Arab countries.

About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”

They're JEWS! You think a freaking Jew gets the sympathy of an Arabic terrorist in the international zeitgeist?? I don't think so!!!

Maybe another holocaust can buy the Jews another 30 years of sympathy,that's it. It's sad reality on earth John.

How many articles do you read of Christians being mistreated in the south of Sudan compared to the million articles on the black Muslim population in Darfur being mistreated for a few years now? Both are equally egregious,my point is no one would know 1 million southerners have been slaughtered in 30 years except a handful of us,right? With the African Muslims,we have Hollywood stars speaking to the congress!

Jews and Christians aren't popular with the zeitgeist methinks.

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