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NIE on Iran,New Info on Khan Network,Thinking out Loud
Makes sense if it is a guess:

Palladin Wrote:Makes sense if it is a guess:


Many have been surprised that Bin Ladin wasn't killed or caught despite the fact that we all know that he is somewhere in Waziristan or neighbor provinces. An area that is not too large to search if the US really wanted it.

But maybe Bush will do it now before his term is ending. After that, with Obama/Al Gore in the White House, it is unlikely that the hunt for Bin Ladin will be so intense...

I note that the Afghanistan army is reputedly taking stronger measures near Pakistan, and there are some thoughts of it making incursions there to go after Taliban.
See this.

Could it be connected to Bush's wish?
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Hard to tell JT. Were it an arab making the threat, I would get a good laugh out of it. Karzi, who knows?
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John L Wrote:Hard to tell JT. Were it an arab making the threat, I would get a good laugh out of it. Karzi, who knows?
The problem is that the Paks won't accept Karzai troops to cross the border.

It would add to the tension in the area if that happens.

Karzi is most certainly doing what we tell him to....and it is not Karzi who is directing the troops across the border.
Sodomia Delenda Est

The ANA doesn't have it's own air cover,so this is bs. If they go in,we go in and the fact is The USA is never going to invade a nation of 200 million people over terrorism.

Not gonna happen,wouldn't have happened on 9-12 either.
There have got to be many people who know where he is. After all he has managed to get videos out since being on the run. The hunt for Osama makes little sense to me. If they wanted him dead why not simply hunt him down quietly.
I don't know how we could know where he is unless this article is accurate and Khan all along has been a contact point. How long did it take the US to locate Eric Rudolph? 7 years in a tiny little town the entire time.

A dang cop saw him eating out of a dumpster after a couple of years of FBI rocket science.

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