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DNA Tests for Bigfoot Hair
Fred, if you study black Africans, both Negroids and Capoids(Hottentots are one), and Australian Aborigines, all three tend to share almost identical physical characteristics. And I don't think the Aborigines are new arrivals there, since they definitely have an over abundance of Homo Erectus traits. That is why I am pretty sure Aborigines are direct descendants of HomoErectus and evolved in place over several hundred thousand years.

But they all have one thing in common. They have lived in equatorial areas, and having kinky hair, wide nasal passageways, dark skin, and other traits, they all are a specialized set of traits that give them a 'selective advantage' over light skinned people with straight hair and narrow noses. My guess is that the earliest humans really did look like today's Africans. Why should the law of natural selection change over time?
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I think there were constant waves of migration and genetic dessemination until we all became homo sapiens sapiens.
Sapiens Sapiens moved gradualy everywhere, notably where Homo Neanderthalis lived. And at one point African, European, Asians and Australian aborigenes evoluated separately and also mixed with other breeds of humans, like neanderthal.

Here is an interresting story about an ape-woman.
Here is his son:
[Image: 5395738_f260.jpg]
Looks Pakistani to me.
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