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Some evidence of good times to come in Iraq.
I have 2 of these bits of evidence.

First, the oil profits in Iraq are way up.
The downside is that the Iraqi's don't seem to know quite what to do with it. Maybe they can spare a dime for the US.

Mr. Werner wants to come to Baghdad and build a zoo and amusement park.
He will turn over the operations to the Iraqis, but wants to build nearby hotels for his own profit. It is a $500M bet, not a paltry sum. Maybe he is an irreconcilable optimist and opportunist, but maybe he is convinced that things are stable enough to make some money.
Jefferson: I place economy among the first and important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.

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