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Momentum's within Insurgency
A good source for military theory publications:

Moral Forces, Concentration of Momentum's, and Centers of Gravity all hold a misconception toward asymmetric warfare as their very foundations derive from ideas of concentrated power at a single point not from concentrated power toward a single point. Moral Forces are hard to calculate but are usually the centers of momentum in asymmetric warfare, especially in the theatre of insurgency, from one point to another no two groups may work together although their ideals will mesh for an exponential effect. A good example of this is Sadhr meshing with Al-Mahdi to pressure a Shiite conformist to withdraw from a major industrial sector in order to capitalize on ingredients for fertilizer bombs – the effect equates to deep-buried Improvised Explosive Devices – and anti-personnel IED attacks verse the Iraqi Police. (America is seen as a temporary nuisance, thus they are more concerned with killing each other.)
So what Moral Force (the momentum in this case: political ambitions capitalizing on religious misinterpretations) persuaded both Sadhr and Al-Mahdi to exude pressures and threats to achieve a common goal? Or perhaps is it the momentum of the justice inherent in their own ideas? In that case they both wish to pressure Baghdad from the south to the north, from external toward internal, from poor to rich, towards the river. That leads to a plausible political agenda after the withdrawal of Coalition Forces and usurping of the current political regime. How then is it possible to redirect these momentum's, isolate the forces, and use the “Connectivity” idea Clausewitz really meant with his Center of Gravity spiel?
In my opinion it occurs on the foundational level of their unequivocal disassociation – the entirety of the momentum's come from a philosophical stand-point of idealism and psychological pressures, thus why they are using fear and murder tactics to pressure the populace to their own cause or goal. As the Mafia gained power in the 30’s from a prohibition in the United States – the insurgencies could be thriving in a current of exponential support around a concentration of momentum's, of which the United States itself is giving life. Media, ineffective military tactics, and easily mislead intelligence because of a traditional military structure which requires far more adaptability, flexibility, and potency to achieve even the simple goals it sets for itself are the stimuli for mislead fear of the populace implied by the Coalition Forces, thus allowing the power vacuum to be consumed by the likes of Sadhr.

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