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Who Supports NATO?
(04-12-2017, 12:10 PM)John L Wrote: ...what does that have to do with the point about a PRC breakup on up the line?  How does that relate Bill?

My point was that the main pressure on China leadership is population pressure - but the country is destined to absorb the increase without looking outside its borders to expand into. China is first China - and only secondarily provincial. When problem arise in the rural hinterlands, the people pack up and go to the cities. Far more are entering the city work forces than the USA would consider an unemployment crisis. There is little thought about expanding - it is all about making the internal system work. That is why they had a limiting child policy and realize they can breed themselves into total collapse. They have resources and a huge workforce as assets, but look first internally for answers and not outside.

Breaking up into smaller pieces does not answer the basic dynamic.
Here we now have US military officials charging Russia with supporting the Taliban with 0 evidence shown. IMO, pure nonsense as Russians have never armed Sunni Muslim jihadists, they know better due to experience.

Not to mention if Russia were doing this they would be transporting it through another Islamic state that has hostility to Islamic jihadis as well, very unlikely.

Anyway, typical western pr campaign on going to keep a bogeyman and have a war if need be. These military guys are as honor less as the Taliban, they'll spout anything the current political leaders wan them to. So will western enws sources, just like Tass would the USSR.

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