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evolution will proceed
These types of predictions of the evolution of humanity tend to be bullshit, since they assume that technological progression will continue as its going. Which is never ture. Technology takes strange turns no one ever sees.

For instance, back in the 70s and 80s, evolutionary theorists believed that humans would become smaller and weaker than we are now, because machines would be doing all our work. Obviously this was wrong. Scientists failed to predict that food would become higher caloric, and thus humans became larger and stronger.

And of course, few people foresaw the Internet and the dominance it would have. (INterestingly, Orson Card was one of the few who did predict it).
Quote:As for Bonobos and Chimps, you mean Americans and Europeans? Sure, Europeans are the violent ones by nature. Think about it, whose history is more bloody on a large scale and for longer time periods, Europe's, or America's? To anyone but the delusional (and Quadrat), this is obvious.
ok, I try to explain you a simple fact. I guess you won't understand, so please ask somebody smarter than you for help, Palladin or Warbicycle? Ok, you know what "white" is? You also call them "Caucasians". You see, those white Americans all descended from Europeans, thereby sharing the same history.
After WW2 their cultures (though we must be careful to mention America and culture in the same sentence) actually became different. Europe apart from those Balkan thingis overcame it's violent past for the time being, you didn't, and you ideology grew stupid in an humanly insufferable way.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney

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