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UM Solar Racer to compete in Australia Sunday
Since final times are measured from start times, which were different for each team, we probably will not know the final placement of winners until the Awards ceremony. UM team spokesmen have said they think they will place seventh overall, but could place higher. They were the fourth team to cross the finish line.

After losing ten hours the first day because of the accident, the UM team was also working under continued time constraints. The leader, Nuon, was allowed a full two-hour stopover at some control stops and was able to fully recharge their batteries, which are used to supplement the solar cells. UM sometimes had to leave with their batteries only half charged. Many observers said the UM Continuum was the fastest racer in the competition before their crash. Because of time constraints with the batteries, the UM racer driver had to pace himself, and could not always drive at the speed limit, 105 kmhr (about 65 mph). They still managed to average 98+ kmhr most of the time.
One of the faculty advisors, Bob Culver, of the UM Continuum team posted this on their blog:
Quote:“This team was tested often. It started with a structural failure in the bulkhead just a few days before they were scheduled to leave for Australia. The team quickly analyzed and fixed the problem such that the resulting structure was stronger than ever. Then came the dust devil in Australia that almost destroyed the array that you have read about in the blog. And then, of course, was the accident. After a short period of shock and a few tears, the team began the arduous task of rebuilding the front end of Continuum. No one needed any inspirational speeches as everyone was working with determination and purpose as soon as the car was back to the Darwin racetrack. It was truly amazing and inspiring to see the car rebuilt and ready for racing in about 10 hours. This team responded to everything and anything that was thrown at them. So, pardon the double negative, the Continuum team never found out what they couldn’t do!

During the qualifying week, the Continuum team continued the Michigan tradition of helping other teams. The team let the Venezuela team borrow a motor when many of their parts got stuck in customs. And the team, with Chito’s help, built a new wheel hub for the Malaysian team after an accident during a qualifying run destroyed their only hub. What goes around, comes around. At the accident scene, a local Darwin gentleman happened by to see the damage. When he saw the damage, he said he had a friend who was an expert in carbon fiber composites. We called the expert, Mr. Mike Butler, and he joined us back at the racetrack pits. Mike brought with him some fast curing resin which turned out to be critical to getting the repairs done quickly.
Here is a link to a pdf file that lasts final times for all entrants in the World Solar Challenge:
Here is a link to the pdf file that lists final results:

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