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Hey Quadrat
The issue here is more complex than pedophilia and absorbs several other types, pardon the jargon, of personal and social dysfunctions. Laws on this issue (as with those classifying child abuse) are more than disjointed [witness the inconsistent classing of consent age]. In psychobabble, the principal dysfunction is characterized as "Arrested Development" and, naturally, this catch-all embraces the full gamut of socio-pathology. Then there is the demand that often insists that normal adolescent curiosity between the ages of 7 and 12 also receive the the label of criminal behavior (e.g. the "Show me your and I'll show you mine" between juveniles).

In addition, there are the cross-currents generated by the demand for "sexual freedoms" and the acceptance of sexual behaviors beyond the ken of biological necessities. Despite the demand for sexual autonomy as a function of privacy, the urges to undergo sadistic or masochistic experiences remain yet these desires can not but be classified as psychological aberrations. Likewise, the idiotic definition of pleasure in a biological context divorced from the reasons behind the natural function.
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Aurora Moon Wrote:"worse is psychical abuse"....

So you wouldn't say an innocent child's entry area being ripped apart rather painfully by perpetration is psychical abuse?
I think they are. Broken bones and skulls are worse though, and far more common. The rape of toddlers is rare and should be punished harshly, but it's actually about the teens and there the punishment is inappropriate.
Pity I didn't link yesterday to a case in Bangkok, ten or so boys at the age between 12 and 16 drugged and gang raped a 12 year orl girl in an internet-and game joint. I don't think they'll get punished, too young. But if those fine youngster sell themselves as prostitutes and hoodwink an adult, particularly a foreigner, maybe lying about their age or showing a forged ID card, all hell breaks loose.
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WarBicycle Wrote:Have you seen this guy in your travels around Thailand.
I thought that was Quadrat. I was confused.
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