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Difference between fish, humans defined
A pretty bad title but the information is interesting.

Difference between fish, humans defined

Quote:LONDON, Oct. 11 (UPI) -- British scientists say they have solved a century-old evolutionary question: what makes a fish and a human embryo evolve differently?

University College London embryologists have identified a key mechanism in the initial stages of an embryo's development that helps differentiate more highly evolved species, including humans, from less evolved species, such as fish.

Early during development, the mass of undifferentiated cells that make up the embryo must take the first steps in deciding how to arrange themselves into component layers to eventually form a fully developed body.

In higher vertebrates, such as mammals, two main layers are generated from an axis running through the center of the embryo. However, in lower vertebrates, such as amphibians and fish, the two layers are generated around the edge of the embryo.

Using chicken eggs and modern imaging technology, the researchers discovered the reason higher vertebrates form their axis at the midline of the embryo is because during evolution they acquired a new mechanism of "cell intercalation," which positions the axis at the midline.

They also discovered the molecules used by the embryo to control those cell movements.

The findings appear online in the journal Nature.

A simple point mutation?
Or, perhaps, one design with two applications?
Sodomia Delenda Est


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