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Your PC in 2008 And Beyond
Alright folks, get ready. The PC that we all both love and worry about, is about to change even more than it has in the past. Things are moving ahead so fast that it is simply head spinning. When will it stop? Or even slow down? Ask your government bureaucrat or politician, who will gladly pass new legislation to cut down on the world's most visible example of unrestrained Free Enterprise.

Quadrat, call your local representative.

NOTE: this article is quite extensive and covers several pages. It is well worth reading more then the front page, because there are so many changes coming to the computer world that it would be advisable to attempt to keep up with the future changes. Enjoy. Wink1

Quote:Your PC in 2008 and Beyond
Blindingly fast chips, flexible displays, nanotube cooling, and more: Tomorrow's technologies will change everything about computing, whether you're at home, at work, or on the road.

Robert Strohmeyer, PC World
Wednesday, September 26, 2007 10:00 PM PDT

The pace of everyday living may be hectic, but the pace of innovation is downright frenetic. Technologies barely imagined a few years ago are now poised to change the face of computing, as digital devices continue to burrow into every aspect of daily life.

The world of science fiction is rapidly becoming fact, from tabletops that charge your laptop wirelessly to wall-mounted PCs that recognize your face and gestures. Thanks to breakthroughs in miniaturization, you'll be able to tuck products into your pocket that wouldn't have fit into your briefcase a few years ago, such as projectors and photo printers. The next generation of Internet technology will change everything from TV to Coke machines. And standard computer building blocks are growing ever more powerful, as processor makers squeeze more cores onto each chip and drive makers pack more bits into each platter--guaranteeing that even ordinary PCs of the future will be anything but ordinary.

In the pages that follow, we spotlight a dozen major innovations, from ones right around the corner to a few that won't show up until at least 2012. On multiple fronts, the future you've been waiting for has almost arrived. Here's what you need to know to prepare for it................................
“Conservatism is only as good as what it conserves.” - Friedrich von Hayek -
Interesting...thank you for posting it.
Sanders 2020

The most interesting item for me would be flexible screens.

I looked at the Sony Reader -- it is actually neat, but I wanted something more advance. An Ebook reader that I can conveniently take to bed or on a subway ride will change my attitude toward buying printed books.

In fact, I've been collecting ebooks for a while, but not reading them much...with a good reader, I may spend an effort on converting them all to whatever format is required.
Sanders 2020


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