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Jews Again The Latest Scapegoat!
Very good, Palladin. Redemption is like this: Christ has paid all our fines--past, present, future. For the entire human race. Christ has also established an infinite line of credit for each of us. All that remains is for us to believe all that Christ has done and act upon it. Many people refuse to accept what Christ has done for us, so they fail as individuals to receive the benefits they are entitled to. Among those benefits is the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is needed to enable us to repent and be converted, and step by step with our willing consent, bring our lives into harmony with the goodness of God. The Christian message has often been misunderstood as "Repent and be saved"--which gives the impression that our repentance (something we do) is part of the basis for our salvation. The true Christian message is "Christ has already redeemed the entire human race, therefore because of this choose to allow the Holy Spirit to enable you to repent and be converted, so you can by this begin receiving all the benefits of redemption." This choice is all that God requires of us. But without it, we will never enter the Kingdom, because we will have chosen against it, and cast aside our redemption.
I don't agree with that view anymore, I used to.

My view is as follows:

Jesus didn't create a "line of credit". He rescued His creation from sin, evil, death.

Paul painted a picture where humanity are born slaves to sin/evil/death, so we can't "decide to believe", we don't even know we need faith when we are lost. When you know you need to believe, you already believed.

Paul stated our faith is a gift, no less than Jesus Himself is a gift. We do not have the ability to believe, He gifts us with that.

In Galatians 3, Paul says the Gospel is the promise of God to Abraham, "I will make you and your seed a blessing to all the nations of the earth". In the Hebrew of Genesis, that's actually all the "families" of the earth.

I see Jesus as fulfilling that. Jesus said "I came to seek and to save that which was lost". I say He succeeded.

OT promise in Isaiah( maybe 65) is that "every knee will bow and every tongue will pledge allegiance to Me". Paul repeats it twice. I have no doubt of it. Some will have to get their faith when that big day happens like Paul had to see the resurrected Christ to believe.

My view is called monergism, we say God is the all, did the all we're the fortunate recipients of His love, grace and restoration.
Well, just to keep everyone abreast of current events, Bibi Netanyahu in his dehumanization campaign for the victims of Israeli persecution/occupation in EJ and the WB has decided Hitler never intended to do the holocaust, it was the Mufti of Jerusalem that convinced him:
(08-01-2018, 08:49 AM)Palladin Wrote: Well, just to keep everyone abreast of current events, Bibi Netanyahu in his dehumanization campaign for the victims of Israeli persecution/occupation in EJ and the WB has decided Hitler never intended to do the holocaust, it was the Mufti of Jerusalem that convinced him:

He may be partially correct on this.  I was a WWII follower growing up.  I was always fascinated in the concept of Blitzkrieg and tank evolution.  And while following this along, I ingested a lot of information about Hitler and the campaign against the Jews.  Hitler used the Jews as an excuse for finding a fall guy, which is what the Collectivist Left always does.  Remember National Socialism is Left Wing and Collectivist.  Too bad the overwhelming majority of European Jews, i.e. Ashkenazis, have this love affair with Socialism, which is their Real enemy.

However, the world of Islam continued to have a hatred for Jews, and unlike the Nazis, faced a major antagonist and danger to their Islamic society.  So, I can well see that the leader of Islamic thought in the Near East would campaign to kill off their ethnic enemies.  It makes sense.  To Hitler, he had accomplished his goal of gaining power and using them as a reason for his actions.  Obviously it was some of his followers who really began the Holocaust, as a way to eliminate the problem. And at Hitler's approval.

As far as a 'dehumanization campaign' if there is any Real Dehumanization going on, it is overwhelmingly coming from Islamists.  You either don't know this, or don't care about facts.  Perhaps it may be due to your own prejudices?   Spiteful
Hillary Clinton Is Like Herpes, "She Wont Go Away" - Anna Paulina
Dehumanization comes from all cultures towards other folks, always has. I was lucky enough not to get drafted, but, if I had I'd have dehumanized the VC myself.

We all watched the Vietnam War special, those killers that admitted being killers were just regular American kids who decided those folks were not humans at some point. Had they not been drafted, most likely never would have hurt anyone, yet in battle became murderers.

How about a kid in the IDF that shoots a Palestinian Arab like in this video? How did he get to this point? Same way I could have if I had been in Vietnam. To kill a person most of us need to think the victim is < human. That's cold blooded murder right there and he got charged with manslaughter. If that isn't murder, the word has no meaning and he's proud of it( served 9 months sentence), you can research and see he thinks doing that was the right way to conduct yourself. Maybe they didn't have enough eyewitnesses to convict for murder, ya think?


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