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Introductions thread
Thanks, we knew that already, John. :lol:
The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
John L Wrote:Oh, I forgot to mention that there is a bit of the 'smart ass' in me that has never been weeded out. Wink1

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country."
- Thomas Jefferson
i had forgotten to make my introductions. my name is Kris, and i am 26. i live in Duncan, Oklahoma, birthplace of Haliburton and Ron Howard. i have not lived here all my life, only the l;last 3 years of it, and so far, this has been the best part. i have 2 kids, both boys, one turned 2 last weekend, the other creeping up on 7 months. i am married to an adopted Filipino girl, who is also quite young (22).

we are a young family, and both of us highly political. my birthday is on election day, Nov 5th, and my 18th i voted for...Perot...(youth is wasted on the young).

i supported the Democrats all my adult life, until i was living in Los Angeles, Hollywood, when September 11th came and went. it was then i decided i need a change, and quick, as in those days, no one knew what was coming down the mountains. i grew tired of the NBC suits scouring the subways, searches by Police, and seeing the "Nation of Islam" in the doorways preaching the EVILS of America and soon sought refuge in middle america. we had our fist son not a year after we were married, and as he grew, so did my political ambitions. i read non stop, until finally coming to a stop after reading my 3rd Robert Bork book. i absolved myself of my past sins, and quietly filled out my voter registration card as ®.

now i am at a cross roads. again i am finding my political voice, and less and less is it in accord with EITHER party. do i seek a 3rd? find a niche in the GOP and settle my qualms? why raise money and voted for people who do not fully represent you? so this is why i am here. to again seek my political realignment, i am open to most any suggestion, but am strong willed when it comes to morality, the constitution, and American Pride.

my idols would be, to name but a few, G Liddy, Bork, H S Thompson, Jefferson, Washington, Tommy Franks, and yes, Benedict Arnold.

by the way, it was one book which turned me on my present course. "BIAS", by Bernie Goldberg.

thank you for your patience and sharing of your wisdom, i am here to learn, but i believe learning is nothing without discussion.

let class begin.
[Image: 760.png]
Kris, thank you for the introduction. This demolishes many of the misconceptions that one develops over time.

As for party affiliation, I have also gone the gambet from Republican, to Democrat, back to Republican, and now finally an Independent, which is a great place for an individualist to reside. S6

I have found that party membership has it's pluses, but it does not allow for one to be totally impartial to one's principles, if allegience is expected from one group to another. So really, there are two groups of voters: one that is principally party driven, with idealogy taking second seat; and the other being idealogy driven, with party second. I fall in the later.

And I have been accused of being a partasan Republican, but that is not true. I just find that the Republicans are closer to my political philosophy than the Democrats currently do. And too, I find the Dems to be totally defunct of great ideas and slowly recovering from the hangover of allowing themselves to become ineberated with too much power for too long, and unable to comprehend the fact that the bartender(we voters) have thrown them out on the street.

But to make a long story short, I find that looking on the outside enables me to more clearly see junk when it is in front of me. But my journey has been a long one. And I suspect that yours will be also.

Anyway, welcome to this forum, and I hope that you find it friendly and interesting for you for as long as you may wish to remain.

Have a Gneiss Day!
Welcome Kris.
"I detest the man who hides one thing in the depths of his heart and speaks forth another"

My name is really Harry Thomas.

I was born and reside in New York State (Syracuse).

I am 36 years old, married and have two children (14 + 12).

I am self-employed and volunteer at the Veterans Hospital and sit on several committees for non-profit groups.

I am a founding member of People For A Better Future and host a talk show found on world wide usenet. I also am a main contributor and editor of the PFABF Newsletter.

I am a high school grad and have taken some computer courses since then.

I was the elected public spokesperson for the heart of ny area of narcotics anonymous for over 2 years and a member of that committee for over 4 years. I am no longer involved with that program for political reasons. I don't believe in their corporate corruption by selling high priced literature to rehabs. Their world power structure has been infiltrated by power hungry officials. I won't have a part in it.

I was adopted and removed from that home by the New York State Police because of abuse. My adopted Father was convicted of child abuse and I basically became a ward of the state. I have lived in over 50 foster homes , detention centers, group homes, reform schools , prisons , and jails. I have been beaten and sexually abused by top officials ( r.stone comish of onondaga county social services) and several foster parents. I was raped by a catholic priest while in the LaSalle school for boys.
I have had a history of alcohol and drug abuse and have been convicted of many petty crimes while drunk.

My last use was December 27, 1995 when I went into a Diabetic Coma.

I am a "dead head" . I used to follow the band from 1986 to 1995. My "role" on the scene has changed now - yes they still tour without jerry) . I don't take LSD anymore and try to educate people on tour about the dangers of Global Government.

My main research now is on mind control and I am in the process of writing two Books. One is on mind control and the other is about the New World Order. I am the webmaster at , , and .

I want my questions about 9/11 answered .
I want our Republic Back .
I want to inform others of my extensive research .

When I say something I mean it . I am not joking about what I say. I have been researching the facts and whatever I say is well documented.
I am not a troll . I am not looking to "fit in" anywhere. I am interested in exchanging thoughts ,ideas , facts, and anything else relevant with people who don't agree with me. I am here because I don't want to "preach" to the choir. I want real answers to real questions debated with and by fellow patriotic Americans who don't result to namecalling when they don't have any answers.
Don't fear what I have to say . Please prove me wrong . I WANT to be proven wrong. I don't "get off" knowing how corrupt our system has gotten at all. I wish it were not this way , Thats why I do what I do.

I Love my country and will do anything to defend our Constitution , bill of rights, and way of life. Fighting over oil is not the way. I want the criminal elements of our government punished. I have made a decision to die for what I believe in .
Are you so sure of yourself that you are willing to die for it?

If what I say is so "crazy" then why are so many millions of Americans on the same page ? Are we all suffering from mass delusion ?
The only thing I have done on this forum was ask some questions and point out some Facts . Does this qualify me as a nut? I think not.
That namecalling attitude comes from the FOX crowd . Just like O'Reilly calls names and presents no facts. I am fed up with that crap.

I am not republican or democrat . I believe the two really are One party that holds for the most part the same corporate interests.
I changed parties from being Democrat in 1992. Clinton was so corrupt and such a liar it got me angry. I don't support warmongers such as the Bushes. I now have been registered in the "green" party since 1993. I don't like them much either but I refuse to throw my vote away on a rep or dem period. Unless they believe in freedom, like for instance Rep.Ron Paul of Texas. He is the best congressman there is right now. New York is way corrupted. Do you really believe Us New Yorkers would have voted Hillary Clinton in as Senator? It was rigged and mind controlled by the corrupted corporate media. CNN , Fox , ABC , NBC, CBS and the whole bunch are just public relations for the government. This is true I am not kidding . I don't joke about the well being of America. Please remember that. I will vote for any candidate regardless of party affiliation as long as they believe in freedom and upholding our liberties.

I hope this is a good enough introduction and I am very excited about exchanging thoughts and ideas with people who love America.

I am not an anarchist or an agnostic or a socialist Nazi as some people like to brand me. I am an ordinary middle class familyman who wants answers.

People For A Better Future
We WILL Make A Difference !
Harry, I don't care what your friends and family say about you. You're alright with me. I suspect that your misunderstanding with another member here may go away, all because both he and you have introduced yourselfs. This usually eliminates a lot of misunderstanding.

As far as the Green Party goes, you may very well be hanging around with the wrong crowd, I think. Unless you are a Camille Paglia, so to speak. You sound pretty much like the complete polar opposite: opposed to more state mandates, less money feeding the trough, and anti-social programs rammed down the citizen's throats. Sounds like a Libertarian to me. If you haven't done so already, and are interested, a good place to start is at The CATO Institute, followed by a measured dose of As a member of the Libertarian/Classic Liberal school, the Rockwell/Roghbard wing of the party is a bit too anarchistic for my taste, but they appear to fit in with you on some issues, and the World State/UN thing is one of them.

Anyway, welcome aboard ai-jane. I can only hope that we here are able to stimulate your intellectual needs. We also like to have fun as well. S6
Have a Gneiss Day!
You know I do confuse alot of people . I am registered in the green party but as you can see I don't quite see eye to eye on alot of their agenda. Same with the Libertarians. I don't care to much for any of em. Thats why I don't switch parties . I feel it doesn't matter. I wanted to vote in a primary at the time.

The whole red state/ blue state left / right liberal / conservative
mind frame doesn't fit most Americans. It is fraud designed to divide us while they run off to the bank . Oh wait thats right they just print the money and charge us interest. Hmm what a scam. Just like left and right.

Sometimes people classify me as a "right wing"conservative.
Some people classify me as a "left wing radical" .
It depends on the topic I have noticed.

Either your with us or your with them does not fit with me.
I want truth. I want justice . I want to expose the guilty.

Thanks for welcoming me

People For A Better Future
We WILL Make A Difference !
Welcome to Jane, Harry! I appreciate your enthusiasm and in-your-facedness. Please don't take offense if any here argue with you, because debate is fun and the best way to learn.

Also consider that we are also a support system. If you need to vent, go ahead—just don't get spleen all over the place! There is usually someone to blunt sharp corners and take away scissors when we see anyone running. We are also easily humbled by the kind insight and knowledge by others that we lack.

I for one am always glad to learn of new things, but quick to respond when anyone falls prey to disinformation that I had to fight my way through.
My name on this board is Stallone.

I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican. And like Harry, I believe that the left and right are scams designed to hypnotize the people into thinking they really have a choice, but in reality they actually do not.

I did not vote for John Kerry or Bush. They are both skull and bones cousins and IMO the last presidential election was staged much like professional wrestling matches are staged.

If you disagree with me then try asking yourself this question; how many registered voters are there in the United States? And out of all those people, they're given two choices on Election Day (third parties DO NOT make a difference. However, I did vote for a third party this last election).

The American people were given the choice of skull and bones cousin #1, or skull and bones cousin #2. Is this the wonderful democracy that people say we have in this country? This alone tells me that our election process is a scam.

We may as well all just stay home on Election Day, because our votes won't count. You might think your vote counts but it really doesn't. Especially now with these new electronic voting machines that are starting to pop up.

It's all been predetermined for you courtesy of your tax dollar. That's right. You payed for the scam.

And it's really time for a lot of you to not only wake up, but grow up as well.

When I was a kid I thought Professional wrestling was real too. I also believed in the Easter bunny.

I understand that there are many of you who will deny that you've been scammed because you've gotten attached to your belief system and don't want your ego to get bruised because you fell for the farce that you call a democracy.

If you are satisfied with the way things are going and want to believe that professional wrestling is real then I guess I can't stop you.

But for those that do think that there is something very wrong and corrupt going on inside your government, and would like to have a less corrupt one, I ask those people to make a stand and start questioning their elected officials and start demanding the truth from them.

Also, this is very important, turn off your televisions. The mainstream media is bought and run by globalists who DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

They are and have been for a long time paying the mainstream media large amounts of money to lie to you on a daily basis, to dumb you down to what is really going on in the world. This is necessary for them to do if they want to stay in power.

So you must turn off your TV in order to filter out all of their lies and half truths if you really care about getting to the real truth. I state this because I've worked within the media and know first hand that much of what's on television is slanted and agenda driven. Not all of it, but most of it. Those that refuse to go along with that agenda when told to by their higher ups will lose their position and be replaced by someone who will go along with it.

When you come to realize this as fact you are one step closer to your true freedom. And if you think you're free right now, you are mistaken.

How many hours do you work a week doing whatever it is you do? How much of the money that you earn from that work do you give to your government? Do you really think your money is being well spent? Are you getting what you paid for? A crooked government who pays off a crooked media with your money to lie to you? Is that what freedom means to you? Freedom to believe the lies that you paid for?

That doesn't seem like freedom to me. To me that sounds more like a bad dream. And now I think it's time for America to wake up and start claiming its true freedom.

But before you can have that true freedom you must have the truth. Once you have the truth you'll then need to make a choice. And that is, do you want to go back to that false image of reality that you have always known? Or do you want to try to live in the truth where you can free your mind, body, and soul from all the lies that have been shoved down your throat your entire life?

Some of you may already know what I, Harry, and others are saying is the truth, but are unwilling to do anything about it. That is your choice. And like I said before I can't stop you from making that choice. I can only hope that you'll at least reconsider it.

Well I guess that's enough about me for now and where I'm coming from.

Your friend in truth and freedom,

[Image: nr_just_say_no.jpg] tyranny
Well, after reading some of the other introductions, I realize I'm pretty darn boring.

Anyhoo, I grew up in middle-class suburbia with no extraordinary happenings. Hard-working Dad, psychotic Mom, pain in the butt kid sister, wacky extended family. Drunken family reunions were the highlight of our year.

I'm currently married and work in the hospitality industry.

About a year ago I saw a movie called 9-11: The Great Illusion and nothing has been the same since. I've entered the rabbit hole of government corruption, deception, and lies and decided I couldn't keep silent. Something has to be done before the Constitution becomes just a footnote in history.

I believe whole-heartedly in free speech and respect the views of others. That doesn't mean I won't try to change someone's views though! Wink1

I look forward to meeting all of you.
TaraLeigh, proud member People for a Better Future
Welcome Tara. Somehow the "People for a Better Future" rings a bell with me. Perhaps Harry mentioned it before. Wink1

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy your stay here. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion.

BTY, nice fractal pattern for an avatar. Do you create your own?
Have a Gneiss Day!
Thanks, John L. No, I did a google search for free avatars and downloaded it.

Thanks for the welcome. I figured I'd better keep an eye on HarryThomas. S2
TaraLeigh, proud member People for a Better Future

Big Brother does a good enough job now thanks S1

John L
yeah Tara and I do a Talk Show Together .

Tara is the most hardest working open minded person that I know.


hey Tara remember what comes around, goes around
Shock [-X
People For A Better Future
We WILL Make A Difference !
Hello all,

I'm brand spankin new to your forum here, and probably will spend more time reading than posting. I came here at the suggestion of John, as I seem to hold some similar views as he does. I am not registered with either party, preferring to decide where my vote goes based on individual merit, not which party they may represent. I am somewhat of an individualist, with anarchist tendencies. I also tend to type first, and think later, but I am trying to improve there!

On a personal front, I work two jobs, averaging 50-60 hours a week, so I don't have LOTS of time to do the Internet thing. But as I really am more interested in learning than converting anyone to MY ways, that should work out fine.

The place looks like fun! Thanks for having me over!
[Image: SalmaHayekcopy.jpg]
you're more than welcome Dude. Enjoy! S6 Wink1
Have a Gneiss Day!
Greetings to all. S1

Having left my home political forum several months ago (my choice) I have since been looking for a new place to land (no pun intended). John found me wandering aimlessly throughout the internet wastes, and after much cajoling and harassment S5 , convinced me to register here.

I prefer to let my socio-political view speak for itself and not really get into that here. Better to start off on an even footing with everyone. Political discussion can be hard enough without laboring past others' preconceived notions.

Anyway, that's it for now. Is there any sort of initiation rite I must pass through? Spanking perhaps? :twisted:
Quote:Anyway, that's it for now. Is there any sort of initiation rite I must pass through? Spanking perhaps?

You pass the official initiation process, by displaying the proper sense of humour. Thanks for coming aboard and joining in on the maham.

Now only one final question. And this will determine which major camp you belong. Are you: 1, an optimist; 2, a pessimist, or 3, don't even think about it one way or the other? Wink1
Have a Gneiss Day!
John L Wrote:Now only one final question. And this will determine which major camp you belong. Are you: 1, an optimist; 2, a pessimist, or 3, don't even think about it one way or the other? Wink1

That would depend on whatever chemical I last ingested. S6
I asked that question because Michael and I have this little rivalry going. I am the consumate optimist, and he the consumate pessimist. He preferrs to use the word 'realist', however that is not very realistic. Wink1
Have a Gneiss Day!

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