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Hurricane Dean
Quite a monstrous storm is approaching you, though the projections say that the Mexicans will have all the fun. Size of Texas, not bad. Looked up which one was the biggest storm ever, this one was "Tip" and happenend almost 30 years ago in the Pacific. Size of half the USA, and the lowest air pressure ever recorded. 190mph winds.
If the seasons brings sufficiently hurricanes to complete the alphabet, I suggest to call one "W". Did it ever happen that a typhoon or hurricane passed over Central America to either the Pacific or Atlantic and raged on in the other ocean? Could theoretically be around for months.
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This is probably the same as asking if any hurricane ever passed over Panama at its narrowest. This I do not know.

Hurricanes can't maintain strength over land for long. They need hot moist air to suck up into the stratosphere to keep them going. There also cannot be a wind at high altitudes to disturb the upward flow of hot moist air.
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