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Iraq Solutions?
Not a bad discussion of Russia's motives. One might conjecture also that Russia would not feel all that comfortable with a nuclear Iran with a jihadist bent, since there are beaucoup Muslims right on Russia's souther borders. In addition, if Iran gets the bomb, other local Islamic governments would itch to do so (as previously announced), and too many Islamic bombs would surely pose a problem for Russia, with its aging nuclear treat.

Russia's problem might also to be: keep Iran from imploding. That is, Iran must be kept as a sufficient force to worry the US, but not to be a real menace to the region.

With the recent unrest in Iran and the effect of the US monetary policies against Iran, it just may be that the mullahs would rather save their skin than annex more territory. Therein lies the basis for negotiations. Shades of pre WWI and Bismark.
Huge Problems:

1. Russia has its own problem with Iran: division of the Turkmeni inheritance. This is largely why it pressures Iran now. Even Debka manages to realize this. Nothing to do with "invisible rice"....

2. The author assumes that surge has some substance to it (that is besides Bush' oratory).
Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil.

The government is composed of people left unchecked


Most reporters say the surge is having positive effects. Maybe it's coincidence,the Sunnis tiring of the Taliban types is why things improved,but we wouldn't know for a certainty.

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