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Global Warming Skeptics Thread
Robert, the next round of the Pleistocene is already overdue. I've produced charts showing the combination of temperature/CO2 for several stages back, and the current interglacial has been longer than the preceding interglacials.

[Image: 400000yearssmall.jpg]

[Image: Ice_Age_Temperature.png]

This was all taken from Lake Vostok core ice samples which are good for several hundred thousand years. And the simple fact is that we have been slowly sliding back into the next round with the Little Ice Age that began in the 14th century. The down movement has always been more than the upturns.

In other words, we really are in Deep Shit if we don't get off this Global Warming crap and start preparing for the coming ice sheets, which will naturally mean terrible agricultural production. We are discussing warfare and famine, as huge relocations take place and everyone fighting for dwindling resources. And we are worried about a warming planet? This is ridiculous to say the least.

This whole scam is all about Money, Power, and prestige, and in no particular order. And politicians, scientists, and Whores/media are loosely in concert with each other, enhancing their positions. And all over a Big Lie.

Scott Pelley was correct in that the Whores are getting things wrong, time after time. He may have been thinking of all the wrong reasons, but his over-all assessment is correct. And if the media gets so much wrong, what is to make you think that they just might be wrong here?

Anyway, science is based on skepticism. And whenever the scientific community starts labeling skeptics as heretics and deniers, then that alone should make you sit up and take notice.

And as for preparing for the worst, the answer is clear to me. We need to get into space and be able to grow our food in orbit, where weather is not a factor. And that means space elevators too. So why aren't we going all out instead of wasting billions on AGW and all this 'pie-in-the-sky' green energy? We should be getting into space where we can really do things on a grand scale.


From No Tricks Zone

285 Papers 70s Cooling 1

285 Papers 70s Cooling 2

285 Papers 70s Cooling 3
In the SOLAR link are many postings of science papers about the Sun's effects on the climate and weather.

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