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Serbian PM Instructs George Bush on Basic Legal Concept
Palladin, I hope you remember it were premier Dzhindzhich and president Kostunica who sold Milosevic in 2001 to Haaga.
Today Kostunica, installed by West, beg Putin to defend Serbia.
Really he must name at least one of his descendants Monica.

I disagree here. Yes,he caved on Milosevic's deportation,but he was openly elected by the people of Serbia in what I felt was a free election.

You see him as a traitor and an as.s kisser,I see him as a man with the world squeezing his little nation's guts out and doing the very best a nationalist can do w/o seeing the guts splatter out. Russia has prevented the formal theft of Kosovo,but that's all your alliance has helped them/him with.

They are living under extremely difficult geo-political negative pressure and I admire him myself. It would be easy for him to have watched the economic embargo stay and everyone be out of a job now with no way to even pay for a national Army,but that is not what leaders are elected to perform like. IMO,Kost has done the minimum as.skissing necessary to live.
Right, he was elected by people who beleived - they will confess and West will forgive them... Kosovo will be serbian, etc... IMHO it's diagnose.
Serbia is chosen by West to be enemy. If so - be enemy.

Theoretically,I agree with you,but reality is you don't have to live there and live with the ideas you're propagating. They do.

I remember expat Serbs were vociferous that they should still be holding out while the USA murdered them. Only they didn't go to Serbia and help fight,did they?

I could not be more ashamed to be an American when I re-visit this era and these events. No better than Joe Stalin except our aerial bombing was cleaner than Joe would have done it is all. Having said that , Serbians loyal to their nation aren't and shouldn't be into suicide anymore than Russians were when the Mongols ocuppied Moscow.
Palladin, Russia is chosen to be enemy as well...
I hope you understand why we support Putin and despise pro-West sh_it?
It wasn't Russia who decided to be enemy, it was West who decided...
If so, no problem - we will be good enemy...

Yea,you're a citizen with way over 150 million people and strategic nuclear arms,Serbia has what,5 million or less?

So,you want Serbia to declare war on America?

I'm not arguing about who is responsible for the renewed tensions between Russia and America,but you're acting like Serbia can defend herself and she cannot and no disrespect,but you Russians are not willing to protect them.

The Armenians bought your offer of protection and revolted against the Turks in WWI and anyone with a brain ought to think twice before committing suicide after that episode with promises of Russian help.

Americans betray and use people too(see Hmong in Vietnam for example),we're seeing it unfold in Iraq with the Kurds bluntly,but I am not advising the Kurds to declare war on Arabia and Turkey either.
This is not a personal animosity thing,just being honest. Serbians are plenty capable of thinking for themselves as Kurds are.
Palladin Wrote:BH,

Yea,you're a citizen with way over 150 million people and strategic nuclear arms,Serbia has what,5 million or less?

So,you want Serbia to declare war on America?

Declare? :? After begining of bombing by US?
Palladin, I'm not formalist.
The war was started because americans and europeans understood - Serbs wouldn't answer by terror like muslims.
Conclusions? They must answer...
BTW, during WW2 Tito's partisans fighted against Germany enough succesfully. Yugoslavia isn't Iraq.

I think we're like 2 ships passing in the night BH. All I am saying to you is Serbia has to account for her actions more than Russia does because whereas your President can get away with making some stupid statements or moves like our's can,Serbia's President doing the same might cause deaths in his nation,loss of Kosovo permanently by force,loss of indpendence to the entire nation,etc,etc,etc.

Just like Azerbaijan's leaders or Guatamala's leaders have to consider things more than our's do,that's what I mean. I know the position we've put Serbia in,but they're President is wise to chart a middle course for his people w/o openly antagoning us further even when I acknowledge WE are wrong vis a vis Serbia.
Right, Palladin, that's why Milo stopped war. But we are talking about Djindjic and Kostunica who delivered Miloshevic after war.
Actually, Palladin, you are not. You are discussing justice versus inevitable unfair outcomes, and how to make the best of it. Blame Madelaine Albright and the Clinton foreign affairs wonks who spread disinformation so thoroughly that unlearned media hacks ran with it and made it happen... who allowed Albanian Moslem squatters to drive out the rightful landowners, until there were not enough left for survival.

I think he had to. I think w/o it we would have sanctioned them into desperate poverty and this would have prevented them arming their Army.

Which would place the entire Serb people in peril to Bosnia Muslims,Croatians,Kosovo Albanians,etc.

As it is,the sanctions are pretty much removed,it seems to me it was the move any Serb President had to eventually make given that Serbia had no powerful benefactor(you guys weren't strong enough to have prevented this is what I mean).

I HATE it,BH. You know me,I always thought we were wrong and I now see this as the opening move in the theory John L is detailing where a group think called Transnationals or Tranzis for short has replaced Communism as the organizing think process of globalists.

I wish Kostinica had the ability to tell us to kiss Serbia's as.s,but I just don't think it would have been wise is all.
No, Palladin, Kostunica did it cause he beleived in "good West".
The same was in Russia before 1999. "Patriot" was bad word.
A little bit later Putin rehabilitated this word...

I don't think anyone with a brain could have believed in the goodwill of the west in Serbia in 2000. Kost did what he had to do is my view.


I blame largely it on the American people,the same bunch of arrogant&stupednously thoughtless clowns who supported Clinton and Bush in this anti Serbian policy and don't mind Bush telling Serbia who owns part of Serbia anymore than most of us minded Clinton murdering Serbs on behalf of Muslims. These politicians have our support for this,we can't blame it on the politician.

Maybe there are 3 of us here who are astounded Bush thinks he has the authority to give Kosovo to Albanians. Maybe not even 3. This isn't just a Clinton thing,this is a USA foreign policy continuity. Vox Populi.

I wish I didn't see it that way,but it is unavoidable.
Palladin Wrote:BH,

I don't think anyone with a brain could have believed in the goodwill of the west in Serbia in 2000. Kost did what he had to do is my view.
You are mistaken. There was period in former Soviet Union and former Soviet block when people beleived - the roots of our conflict with West were in OUR communist ideology only. Communist ideology was removed, we are building capitalism, it will be idyl. In 1999 situation cleared.
The same was in Serbia. People beleived - roots of conflict between Serbia and West were in former socialist and later in fact nationalist Miloshevich. Let's remove him - roots of conflict will be removed. West will understand real reasons of conflict with albanians, will establish order. Kostunica and Djindjic sincerely beleived in this crap, and herds of their supporters beleived too... Thanks Soros for enlightenment and support of color revolutions.
Are you surprised? Even today Ag can't understand or rather don't want to understand why it's happened, what's happened. It's not so simple to understand: 70%-80% of information in "free media" ir ordinary lie. Bush blah-blah-blah is half-lie. But we are trying to beleive in better. Propaganda is way to provide wars and Gobbels wasn't last in this branch.
I hope I mustn't explain why Russia don't take seriously pro-West moron Casparov and ignore almost everydays hysterics about him in West media?

Palladin Wrote:This isn't just a Clinton thing,this is a USA foreign policy continuity. Vox Populi.

It wasn't Vox Populi, it was Vox Propaganda. Ordinary citizen who use West media only can't oppose brainwashing...

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