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Chavez and Venezuela
John L Wrote:
track_snake Wrote:
John L Wrote:
Track_Snake Wrote:--------------------------------------
Well.... If he is a good guy for the majority of Venezoleans, then let him be elected for life....


Did you all say the same thing about Ferdinand Marcos too?
No. But many here want Ferdinand, or his relatives, back in office....


Judging by your response above, I would have thought you to be one of them. S6
Well. Am not saying that exactly. But the fact is that all major projects, like transportation projects in Manila, construction of nuclear power plant in Bataan, road infrastructure around the country, etc., was initiated by the late Ferdinand Marcos. Virtually nothing has been achieved by the 'presidents' after him... Other than that the construction of the nuclear plant in Bataan was halted, one of the reasons of the present energy crisis and rise in electricity cost....


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