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Looks Like the Thais Might be Over the Islamic Terrs
Give them the William Tecumseh Sherman method of combat

Historical note (IMO): Sherman decided that the only way to lasting peace, without incipient rebel bands roaming the countryside or inhabiting the statehouses was total defeat.

We shall see how this works. If it does, in a lasting way, it will be a renascent methodology, perhaps. What will the "diplomats" have to say about this?

Sherman was right,too. The Thai gent appointed is ruthless,I wish we appointed a guy like that. He'll kick as.s and take names and Thais don't give a rat's ass what we think about their nation,they never have. They are already telling the Muslims to step up pro Thai intell dramatically or they will use the scorched earth policy.
There were a couple of Virginia-Tech killing sprees recently in Thailand that eclipsed the anti-semitic terror of the southern Muslims with links to Al Queda. I guess it never reached the American spectator. Neither did the drug battle when the government decided to override some patents of American heart-disease and Aids medication, somehow aided by the Clinton foundation. Some Republican representative from Kansas sketched a bill recently, stripping Thailand from some privileges they have earned as echo of the USA in the last decades. What does a Midwesterner where they never grow a grain of rice have to do with Thailand, you might ask? Well, he's financed by big pharma.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney

Over riding patents is theft. That's a good reason for the owner to be concerned.

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