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Muslim Terrorists Blame America for their Sewage Tsunami
Why do Islamic thugs think Americans should pay them? It's sort of disgusting that they have reason to expect it realistically.

They make me sick. "It's your fault this happened because you stopped giving us money!" What incestuous pigs. I don't want to see a penny of my tax dollars going over there anyway. I'll choose who I donate to, thank you very much.
The Palestinians are perhaps the largest Entitlement society in the world, behind American Welfare Blacks, and their Race hustlers and poverty pimps. What do you expect, when you are so accustomed to sucking on the Public Titty for all these years?
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
I always thought the political adage about keeping the potholes fixed was universal. Apparently not for the Palestinian democracy. ... the majority of them voted for Hamas ... right?

It's stunning how much their Arab neighbors and friends are letting them down.

I'm appauled by the thought of toddlers drowning in sewage. But I'm more appauled by the fact that the money that was supposed to keep the infrastructure intact has already been spent on suicide vests.

We can't influence this nihilistic peoples,but we really should wonder why we pay their revenue to them?

Bush is as bad as anyone. Why should Americans pay for Palestinians to murder people? I know why they want us to,but why do American leaders insist on it?

"National Psychosis".

You heard it here first.
Thou shall not steal!

Here's why the thing broke. Maybe instead of begging us to pay for their sewer treatment,they could stop spending their cash on mass murder of Christians and Jews and spend it on infrastructure?

Nah,they're Muslim terrorists.

They don't call the US "uncle sucker" for nothing. And don't forget, we are the "Great Satan", and according to the Main Stream Media we (especially Bush) is guilty of everything. Can't win either way.

Just recall. About a year or so ago "democracy was breaking out everywhere" in the middle east and in the south of the old soviet union. What a coincidence: When the US lost its momentum in Iraq, everything changed.

That's an astute observation there. The bad guys have returned to pre-eminence due to our weakness. This means no one else has the deisre and/or ability to make a positive difference.

Myself,I'm an isolationist,I wouldn't be spending cash,time and blood over anything outside the USA. Let someone else waste their time policing the world,I don't live there,my home is in America.
enjoy if you can :twisted: :roll:
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ag Wrote:enjoy if you can :twisted: :roll:
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Well.. There are many Arabs living peacefully within the borders of Israel too and taking part on the Israelian political life.

The Palestinian issue will never be solved. It has been going on for 3.000 years and it will not be solved by any political agreements in the near future.

The best thing for all parts is to accept the existence of Israel within its borders of today and let the Palestinian have their self governance in Gaza and parts of the West Bank.


You're more realistic than most folks. You recognize reality as relates to these 2 peoples,most folks think somehow we can all just get along.

It didn't happen before Islam animated Arabs,it won't happen now that it has,either. It would be an Islamic sacrilege for the Palestinians to accept Jews as legitimate rulers of Israel.

Beyond the half brother civil war of ancient days,the Islamic addition to the mix is meaningful as well.
One could read the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings to find out what happened the first time the Jews claimed hegemony in the region.

One could simply know their history. Most folks don't accept Scripture as valid(I do),but history records the same enmity between Jew and Arab recorded in Scripture.

Add in the Arab centric Islamic religion and it's worse than it's ever been.

In a sense,the vying is between the 2 half brothers who BOTH think the promise of God to protect man from his errors is through their mothers and their common father,Abraham.

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