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Top Chinese general warns US over attack
Quote:Just thought it held up mv's arguement a bit about them stepping into Central Asia a bit more.

Held or Help?

Actually, I did mention this on another thread a week ago.

Myers is out of his mind: these smaller countries have a perfectly good reason to keep the US out: the ruling elites don't want rainbow revolutions in their countries. They don't need to be bullied to recognize the obvious.

it seems that junior succeeded rather well in ensuring that Russia and China developed common interests and these common interests are fully shared by all these smaller countries...

The only open question is if Bush sane enough to give guarantees of non-interference in local political system, or he prefers the US to be pushed out; we shall see.
Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil.

The government is composed of people left unchecked

WmLambert Wrote:In time? Don't be what you evidently think Bush is. It will take an entire generation to ramp up our covert HumInt operatives and equally as long to force out the anti-Intel bureaucrats installed in the 90's who are now protected by Federal workplace discrimination laws - not to mention the government employees' unions.

No laws and/or unions would have prevented Bush transferring all these people into new Geriatric Terrorism Monitoring Center in Guantanamo, or some other equally useful organization.

Quote: I am heartily appreciative of the efforts to date to compartmentalize the worst of these traitors and get them away from real security. The good guys, like Bolton, are being identified and moved into the corner offices, and the bad ones are being marginalized as quickly, but as quietly as possible.

How many were "marginalized" over the last four years? One? Two? Remember that it took Bush three years to replace Tenet with Goss, and we *still don't know* if Goss is any better.

Quote:Did you read Barbara Olsen's book, published after she died on her plane on 9-11? Look at the traps and political landmines that Clinton sowed for his successor - and you tell me what you would have done better - in the face of an antagonistic MSM bent on ruining you and your possible efforts to help the nation.

I would have been on the airwaves on 9/12 stating clearly that the existing structures are incapable of preventing another attack and asking the Congress to pass a law allowing to dismiss the creeps -- if such a law was needed indeed.

Quote:Yes, if Bush 43 was behaving like his father or Nixon did, while President, he might be screaming at the top of his lungs that he is a victim of traitors - but his role model in the Oval office is not his father - but Ronald Reagan, and the way Reagan handled his detractors is how Bush is determined to handle his.

Unlike Reagan, Bush has a majority. He is in the strongest position any republican has been since 1920s.

He has no need to either "handle" anything or claim victimization: he could have played the strongest hand imaginable.

Quote:I think Bush sees the U.S. as the primary military and economic force on the planet, and doesn't buy too many "the-sky-is-falling" fears. Col. Gadaffi rolled over, and others will, too.

Right now there are NO signs of either Iran or Pakistan (or, for that matter, China) getting less dangerous; in fact the reverse is true.
Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil.

The government is composed of people left unchecked

Sorry to quibble, but who has the strong hand when the MSM mocks every effort you make, and makes heroes out of "useful idiots?"

...And your own party won't rally around you when you need them? There are 7 stupid people from each party in that gang of 14 who think they are the fulcrum on which the world is spun.

When Reagan went to Reikjevek, everyone said he was a fool and a madman - yet in the end - he won.

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