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Trans-siberian travel
Probably one of our Russian Komrads knows the answer to this:

A friend of mine would like to travel across Russia and China, something along the route of
SPb --> Moscow -- > Trans-siberian railroad --> Tibet --> Beijing

The unclear part is if the Trans-siberian railroad branches out into China at all, and if yes, how.

Does anyone know?
Sodomia delenda est

It goes from Moscow to Beijing, called 'Manchurian' line. Follows the Transib till the eastern triangle Russia/Mongolia/China, goes South trough Manchuria from there. Or the 'Mongolian' line that follows the Transib till Lake Baikal, from there to Beijing via Ulan Bator. Coming from Leningrad, he has to change the trains. Tibet is in both cases thousands of miles away.
However, China opened last year the worlds highest railway (goes up to 5,000m above sea level) trough Tibet to Lhasa. The carriages are equipped with oxygen devices.
I'm planning to do it, it's not so far from here anyway. Traveled one time the Transib from Moscow to Ulan Ude, long ago.
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Thanks, Q. S2
Sodomia delenda est

Everything you need to know is here

How to travel by Trans-Siberian Railway from London to China & Japan
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