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three-dimensional Berlin went online
The cityscape of Berlin in 3d, the first metropolis that can be visited this way on the internet. 44,000 buildings in the centre are shown, five selected ones can be entered and visited virtually.
I recommend to stay on Gendarmenmarkt (police square) for a while, architecturally one of the most beautiful places on the world with the twin cathedrals on the sides and the opera in the middle.
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this looks pretty reminds me of sim city.
Brooklyn Wrote:this looks pretty reminds me of sim city.

You should have seen Berlin, like I did in 1965. Interesting place. All over the Western part, no matter where you traveled, the entire city offered none of it's post WWII rubble,.............except for one city block, where I went.

However, once we went through Checkpoint Charlie, into the Eastern portion, suddenly there was more than enough destroyed blocks and rubble to satisfy the most avid movie director filming a WWII flick. Wink1 And the rest was filled with some of the most beautiful 'progressive' architecture that Socialist world was capable of throwing together.

I wonder if "Q" visited his beautiful DDR capital, when he was growing up? A classic example as to what Collectivist society can offer to one and all. Wink1

Save the manure, unless you want to prove further what clueless gringo you are. What historical buildings are left in West Berlin? Two. The Reichstag, restored after the reunification. Charlottenburg palace, seat of the federal president, restored after the reunification. What else did they do in West Berlin? Potsdamer Platz, restored after the reunification, looks like little Manhattan. Skyscrapers. For fifty years, a parking lot of several squaremiles. On the West side of Brandenburg Gates (Str.d.17.Juni), there's still a forest of several squaremiles, in the very centre. Nothing left of the beautiful old structures but memories.
What historical buildings were restored in East Berlin before reunification?
the Berlin cathedral
the Berlin opera
the Berlin Schauspielhaus (theatre)
the Berlin Synagogue
the national Library
the national museum
the French cathedral
the German cathedral
the St.Hedwigs cathedral
the Nikolai cathedral (along with dozends more churches)
two of the five palaces on museum island
the avenue Unter den Linden, palaces on two kilometers on both sides, that's the East side from Brandenburg gates (with the forest beyond),
just two name a few I remember. It's more expensive and time consuming to restore old buildings than just to remove the rubble and build a few concrete shopping malls. The communists didn't reerect a single building that could have been saved, for political reasons. The 'Berlin Palace', seat of the former emperors. Build the 'Palace of the Republic' instead, which is now demolished for another political reason.

Besides, there are 420 churches in Berlin, ten synagogues, three buddhist temples and six mosques. Not many, considering Berlin is the fifth largest Turkish city.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney

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