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Have you thought about retiring abroad?
Brooklyn Wrote:We aren't sure where exactly. Our retirement is a loooooong way off. But since there are laws against foreigners buying land on the coast, my wife will maintain her Mexican citizenship. She will probably be the one to choose the spot.

I just want a boat so I can fish.
Then you've got a lot of options. I saw a t-shirt in Houston (on a Mexican legal immigrant) that said how many thousands of miles or kilometers of beach Mexico has. Great fishing, too.
I'm often wrong. But I'm not always wrong!
Independents4Bush Wrote:That's good enough you're hired Saves.
[Image: tancredo.jpg]
Now I need a right wing lunatic for VP. :lol: Let me see if I can convert my brother. Rush Limbaugh would be my economic adviser and Mark Levin my secretary of state.
Q & Fit2: My belated thanks for your thumbnail descriptions. Intriguing.

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